Zeus the Almighty

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Zeus the Almightybanner.png
Name Zeus the Almighty
Type Points Exchange
History 10/6/2014-10/20/2014
Event Cards

Cavaicard.png  Holyncard.png 

Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Dungeon is standard Event Dungeon stuff; Event Cards and Fodder pop up on the first two waves.

The boss, Zeus, is weak to Fire, Stab, and Hit-type skills.

Event Cards

Zeus can be obtained for 50,000 Points.

Ulus, Cavai, and Holyn can be obtained for 20,000 Points each.

The event fodder has a dual purpose:
-Gives bonus 2x exp to Apollo, Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis and Demeter.
-Have a subskill that can be used to boost Zeus.

Fodder List

- Sword of Lightning = Changes Zeus's skill to "Sword of Lightning" (Slash damage + chance to paralyze)
- Bracelet of Defense = Changes Zeus's skill to "God Barrier" (Nullifies next single hit, chance of failing)
- Bracelet of Healing = Changes Zeus's skill to "God Healing" (Heals self)
- Bracelet of Power = +10/15/20% damage
- Crown of Wisdom = +10/15/20% skill boost

Additonally, Thunderbolt of Judgement can be purchased from the Medal Shop:
- Thunderbolt of Judgement = Changes Zeus's skill to "Thunderbolt of Judgement" (Large non-elemental damage)

Special Rewards

On 24*, the treasure is some walking stick, and on 28* is his beard.