Zeus Awakening

Zeus Awakeningbanner.png
Name Zeus Awakening
Type Challenge Dungeon
History 6/15/2015 - 06/29/2015
07/20/2015 - 08/03/2015
01/11/2016 - 01/25/2016
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Awakening CrystalR1card.pngAwakening CrystalB1card.pngAwakening CrystalG1card.png

Dungeon Summary

This is a challenge dungeon, which has the following restrictions:

  • Each entry costs 1/6th of your Max Stamina
  • SP boost is not allowed
  • There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the boss immediately!
  • Because there is only one round, when hosting this dungeon the game will wait 30 seconds before starting in order to allow players to join

Entry Requirements

Unlike some other dungeons, this Challenge Dungeon requires a minimum Deck Power to enter.

Difficulty Minimum DP Required
鬼級 (24★)
竜級 (28★)
神級 (32★)
Dragon King
竜王級 (38★)


Zeus is weak to Fire.png Stab.png Hit.png

  • Zeus will begin with a Preemptive Attack that hits the party for high damage (20-30k+ depending on difficulty). Can be blocked via Preemptive Iron Wall.
  • After that, he'll perform some of the following attacks:
    • Blow of God: Inflicts damage to Party, may cause Paralysis. Zeus buffs himself +2 to all stats. (+3 if he's heavily Debuffed)
    • Thunder Sword: Attacks the Party twice with vicious sword slashes.
    • God Thunder: Hits the Party for big damage.
    • Scourge of God: (Straight Counter & Flush Counter) When Zeus falls below 40-50% HP, he hits the party for heavy damage that breaks Shields, may inflict Paralysis, greatly Debuffs, and Buffs himself +3 to all stats and recovers HP. (Used on God difficulty and higher)
  • Status Reflect/Immunity can be useful to help prevent Paralysis and Debuffs. Additionally, cards like Lapis Lazuli and Hipopo can be useful to have if you get Paralyzed, as those cards cannot be affected by Paralysis.
  • On higher difficulties, you'll want to try and avoid doing Straights when Zeus is almost dead (about 40% HP or less) as the Straight Counter can be really nasty. Try to go for a Full House+ hand if possible. (Or make low hands with cards that have unconditional subs.)
  • Likewise, making a Flush is ill-advised, as Zeus will Counter that as well with the same attack as the Straight Counter.
  • Strong Power-Up Enhance cards, Status Clearing cards, Good Healing cards, and powerful Fire, Stab, and Hit cards will help put Zeus down quickly.
  • In more recent days, this tends to be one of the easier Challenge Dungeons as Zeus doesn't use Shields and his gimmicks are pretty simple. That, and it's pretty easy to rush him down with a good hand.


This dungeon can drop materials used in Awakening System and Orb System. Also, high rank Marrons and Fairys may drop.
Additionally, special Limited Orbs may rarely drop that are specific to this Challenge Dungeon. (The higher the difficulty, the greater the chance they have to drop from the Boss.)

Name Rarity Slot Effect
Chronus Lv1
★★ 2 ATK +100, When played in a Hand, grants 2% Damage Reduction (Limited to God Cards only)
Chronus Lv2
★★★ 2 ATK +100, When played in a Hand, grants 3% Damage Reduction (Limited to God Cards only)
God Protection Lv1
★★ 2 DEF +100, When played in a hand and you take damage, 10% chance to grant +1 DEF to the Party
God Protection Lv2
★★★ 2 DEF +100, When played in a hand and you take damage, 20% chance to grant +1 DEF to the Party
God Breath Lv1
★★ 2 HP +100, Grants 3% Skill Boost to all God cards in the hand other than your own (Limited to God cards only)
God Breath Lv2
★★★ 2 HP +100, Grants 5% Skill Boost to all God cards in the hand other than your own (Limited to God cards only)
God Glory
★★★★★ 3 ATK +200, Grants 5% Skill Boost on Straight+; 10% Skill Boost on Full House+ (Limited to God cards only)