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Nicknames Zashiki
Rarity (レア) SS+.pngGOD.png
Girl, Youkai
女の子, 妖怪
Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:3040 ATK:1106 DEF:1382
Lv:120 HP:3648 ATK:1327 DEF:1658 (Awoken)
Main Skill (スキル)
Reverse Element
Clears the Party's Status Effects with a chance of applying a 1-tick Status Reflect Shield (When RGB is present in the hand, increases Shield Chance and # of Shield Ticks)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
Bringer of Joy
When Main Card's Skill activates, grants +1 DEF or AGI (Rare chance to increase both)
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)
'Reflect Element
Clears the Party's Status Effects and applies 3-tick Status Reflect Shield (When RGB is present in the hand, increases # of Shield Ticks to 5)
Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)
'Bringer of Happiness
When Main Card's Skill activates, grants +1 DEF/AGI (50% Chance to grant +2 DEF/AGI instead)
Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)
'Protected Spirit
When this card is in the played hand and you take damage during the turn, grants 5% Damage Reduction and 20% Chance to grant +1 AGI
S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
Prayer of Good Fortune

Clovercard.png  Eroscard.png  Jack Frostcard.png  Kaguracard.png  Kotonecard.png  Kukurihimecard.png  Mitamacard.png  Okunicard.png  Reikacard.png  Shizuka Gozencard.png  Titaniacard.png  Yakushicard.png  Zashikicard.png 
Shared by (合体カード): Clover, Eros, Jack Frost, Kagura, Kotone, Kukurihime, Mitama, Okuni, Reika, Shizuka Gozen, Titania, Yakushi, Zashiki


An extremely useful Shield card, Zashiki comes with the ability to cleanse the Party's Status Effects as well as put up a Reflect Shield to repel Status Effects and Debuffs back towards the enemy.

Unsurprisingly, Zashiki's skill is extremely handy for both PvE and PvP, as it clears existing Status Effects and can protect against subsequent Status Effects and Debuffs while repelling them back.
To make it even better, if you manage to get a Red, Blue, and Green card in the played hand, Zashiki's chances of her Reflect Shield applying increases and increases the Reflect Shield ticks from 1 to 2.

That said, you really can't go wrong with Zashiki if you manage to nab her.

Main Skill

REFLECT SHIELD CHANCE 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75%
REFLECT SHIELD CHANCE (RBG) 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%
  • Status Cleanse chance is 100%
  • When RGB is included in hand: chance of Reflect Shield applying increases and increases instances of reflect from 1 to 2.


Shield Chance 100%
  • When Red, Blue, and Green Cards are present in the hand (including your own), increases # of Shield Ticks to 5.

One of the first Status Reflect cards released years ago, Zashiki was a very popular card for quite a while. However, as with many other older cards, she soon got power creeped into irrelevance as more and more powerful Cards were released that could do Zashiki's job and more. (Made even more embarrassing by attaching guaranteed Status Reflect Shields to non-Shield Cards.) But with her recent Awakening, Zashiki can rise once more as she gains some noticeable upgrades.

First off, the Status Reflect Shields are now guaranteed to apply and come with 3-ticks at that! That's already a great improvement. But if you manage to have RBG Cards in the played hand, then the Status Reflect ticks increase to 5. As such, she's a great deal more viable than before, but she still faces stiff competition from various other Cards that offer Status Reflect and more (especially Kukurihime who is essentially Zashiki with Heals). But if you're lacking in Status Reflect Cards, you can't go wrong with Zashiki at least.

Sub Skill

50% chance of raising AGI, 40% chance of raising DEF, 10% chance of raising both AGI and DEF.


An improvement from before as now you get both +1 DEF/AGI. But you also get a 50% chance to get +2 DEF/AGI instead.
It's decent for what it is at least.

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