Youkai Island Onigashima

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妖怪奇岩城 鬼ヶ島
Youkai Island Onigashimabanner.png
Name Youkai Island Onigashima
Type Points Exchange
History 12/4/2017 - 12/18/2017
1/7/2019 - 1/21/2019
Momotarocard.pngFuraribicard.pngNurikabecard.pngNuecard.pngKidomaru (Reincarnate)card.png
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Millet Dumplings

Dungeon Summary

Cardify Skills are disabled.

The bosses Water.png Momotaro and Kidomaru (Reincarnate) are weak to Wood.png, Bite.png, and Paralysis.
Youkai Cards deal 20% additional damage in the Dungeon.

Kidomaru (Reincarnate) has a chance to replace Momotaro as the Boss. Defeat him to earn additional Points!



  • Momotaro will be accompanied by one of Furaribi, Nurikabe, or Nue. They're weak to Bite.png, Paralysis, and Youkai Cards.
  • They'll use their Preemptive Attack to attack the Party and possibly apply a Sustained Debuff effect. Preemptive Iron Wall is highly recommended.
    • Try to get rid of the Sustained Debuff effect if possible; the Debuffs inflicted are transferred as Buffs to Momotaro and his Minion.
  • Momotaro has a few attacks he'll use against the Party:
    • AoE Attack that can break Shields
    • Can inflict Seal and apply Damage UP; Seal can be real nasty as Momotaro will often follow up with an additional attack to Sealed allies.
    • Steal Buffs (On higher difficulties only; can be very dangerous)
    • Can also Buff himself greatly
  • Momotaro also has a dangerous Release Attack; this is denoted by Yellow Text on the Turn before it occurs.
    • If you manage to Paralyze Momotaro, it'll stop the Release Attack from occurring.
    • If it's allow to go through, the Release Attack will deal very high damage, greatly Debuff, and inflict Seal. (This can be evaded by Evasion Shields though!)
  • Inflicting Paralysis can nerf Momotaro's attacks causing them to miss more; this also works well against his Minion.


  • The Minion is generally the most dangerous/annoying foe in this fight.
  • It's highly recommended to kill it first or things can quickly spiral out of control (especially on higher difficulties).
    • If you can take out the Minion early on, it makes taking on Momotaro considerably easier.
    • Thankfully, they have considerably less HP than Momotaro, so they're not too difficult to defeat.
  • For the most part, they'll generally attack the Party and greatly Debuff the Party.
  • Depending on the Minion active, they will greatly Buff Momotaro and apply a Shield to him.
    • Furaribi: Buffs ATK, applies Strong Counter Shield
    • Nurikabe: Buffs DEF, applies Iron Wall Shield
    • Nue: Buffs AGI, applies Damage Reduction Shield
  • If Momotaro's Stats fall into the Negatives, his Minion can Reverse his Debuffs! Beware of Debuffing him too much before then.

Kidomaru (Reincarnate)

  • Unlike Momotaro, Kidomaru appears alone for the Boss Fight.
  • His Preemptive Attack will deal damage and may inflict Petrification.
    • It's best to try and clear the Petrification quickly as Kidomaru will sometimes do a follow-up attack to Petrified foes that deals a LOT of damage!
  • Kidomaru has several attacks that aren't fun to deal with:
    • Breaks the Party's Shields and Steals their Stats
    • Inflicts Petrify and Damage UP
    • Applies Strong Counter + Damage Reduction Shield
  • If Kidomaru's Stats get too high, he'll prepare an Release attack for the next turn that will deal a lot of damage. Afterwards, he'll reset his Buffs.
    • Paralyze Kidomaru to stop the Release attack! This will force him to use a much weaker attack instead.

True Dragon King

  • Shuten-doji and Hashihime appear on the 1st Wave. (Preemptive)
  • Momotaro and one of Furaribi, Nurikabe, or Nue appear on the 2nd Wave (Preemptive)
    • This is pretty much similar to the Boss Fight on God/Dragon King though the enemies have less HP, so the usual Strategy applies.
    • Try to take out one of the Bosses quickly (Momotaro if possible), since if you don't, things can get very messy quickly.
  • Kidomaru Reincarnate appears on the Boss Wave. (Preemptive)

Super Dragon Emperor

  • Momotaro and a Minion appear on the 2nd Wave (Preemptive)
    • This can be a very dicey encounter as it's about on par with the TDK fight.
    • Even you manage to Paralyze Momotaro to prevent his Release attack, the following attack will still do very heavy damage. Stay Healed up!
    • Evasion Shields are highly recommended!
  • Momotaro and Kidomaru appear together on the Boss Wave.
    • Momotaro's Preemptive Attack will deal 99% Max HP damage...if you're not fully healed going into the Boss Fight, you'll die! (Evasion Shield will let you avoid this attack.)
    • Momotaro will then fully Buff up and prepare use his Release attack on the 1st Turn; immediately Paralyze him or have an Evasion Shield on!!!
    • Should Kidomaru inflict Petrify, clear it ASAP or he may hit you for extremely high damage!

Other Notes

  • Sustained Status Reflect generally isn't recommended; Momotaro will almost certainly break the Shield or prevent it from being applied through inflicting Seal.
    • Don't bother with cards like Star, Hibiscus, or Cat Sith (New Year) for this reason.
  • However, Evasion Shields are generally more effective; this will cause most of Momotaro and Kidomaru's attacks to miss (including their Release attacks!)
  • Status Immunity is fairly effective as well as Cards that can clear Status Effects.

Recommended Cards

  • Green Bite
  • Paralyze Cards
  • Evasion Shields
  • Status Clear

Event Cards

Point Cards

Reward Points Needed
Water.pngSS+.png Momotaro 50,000
Fire.pngSS+.png Furaribi 50,000
Water.pngSS+.png Nurikabe 50,000
Wood.pngSS+.png Nue 50,000
Fire.pngSS+.png Momo 50,000

Special Sub Cards

When you clear the Dungeon, a Magic Hammer or Victory Flag may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
You'll need 12 copies each to evolve one fully to from SS to SSS.

The Oni's Club can be obtained from Accumulated Point Rewards.

Card Sub Skill Description
Fire.pngSSS.png Oni's Club When Main Card has Hit Skill, grants 30-40% Skill Boost on Straight+
(Increases minimum Skill Boost by +2% for every Youkai Card in the played hand)
Water.pngSSS.png Magic Hammer When Main Card's Skill Activates, grants (+1/1/2) ATK
(When subbed alongside Momotaro, grants (0/33/50%) Chance to not Link with Enhance Cards)
Fire.pngSSS.png Victory Flag When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants (20/25/30%) Skill Boost
(When subbed alongside Momotaro or Momo, grants (25/30/35%) Skill Boost and +1 to all Stats)

Accumulated Point Rewards

Unlike most other Special Events, the Points you accumulated are split into two.
The first is an accumulated point total that keep tracks of all the Points you've gained total, while the other you can use to spend on fodder.

Once you've reached the appropriate Point Total, you can obtain the reward associated with it.

Point Total
3000 Gold Marrone Set
5500 100 Dragon Medals
8000 Boost Ticket Set x5
10000 S.png Princess Fairy Set
30000 SS.png Gem Marrone Set
60000 R Gacha Ticket x3
100000 S Ring Set
200000 GOD.png Gem Marrone Set
300000 Fire.pngSSS.png Oni's Club
500000 SS.png Queen Fairy Set
600000 SS Ring Set
700000 S Gacha Ticket x2
800000 200 Dragon Medals
900000 GOD.png Goddess Fairy Set
1000000 SS Gacha Ticket


Fodder are Millet Dumplings. They give 2x EXP to all related Event Cards including Shuten-doji (Strange), Hashihime, Asohime, and Momoko.
They also act as Skill-Up Fodder for Debuff.png Shield.png Bite.png Skills. (Skill Fairy Equivalent)

Treasure Rewards & Points Earned

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 N/A
中級 (42 STP)
5500 N/A
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
雷級 (84 STP)
12500 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 10 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3x Goddess Fairies
True Dragon King
真竜王級 (150 STP)
90000 10 Black Medals
  • Defeating Kidomaru will earn you 1.5x Points.