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Added in 3.0.3, Underground is another PvP-based mode with lots of similarities to Colosseum.

Basic Info

  • Functionally speaking, Underground IS Colosseum in a different skin with some differences. It's still 5v5 combat and most of the things that apply to Colo mostly apply for Underground.
  • You need to clear 2* Normal Dungeons to enter the Underground.
  • Underground starts every other week and runs for one week.
  • Underground runs for one hour four times a day starting at 8:00, 13:00, 18:00, and 22:00 JST during the Underground period.
  • Players gain 4 Tickets to enter Underground for free every day that Underground runs.
  • Players are free to enter Underground as long as you have the Tickets/Stamina to do so.
  • Underground runs will always cost 1/8th of your maximum Stamina once you run out of Tickets, rounded down, regardless of current level.
  • Finishing a Underground match grants you approximately 5% (rounded up) of your maximum EXP bar. (This becomes pretty important once you reach high levels as it gives you lots of EXP.)

Major Changes

  • You can only join Underground matches directly from the main Underground screen. (You can't join via Group Chat, so premades won't ruin your day here.)
  • Players have 5x their Normal HP! This makes everyone considerably beefier and far less likely to get insta-killed in a single turn.
  • Enhance cards are still nerfed a la Colo/DM, but based on which one is featured, that type (Power Up, Multiply, AoE) will be stronger and more effective for that period.
  • Unlike Colosseum, there is no Fame system. Instead, you compete with others by winning Stars from Underground matches.

Winning Stars & Ranking

You can acquire Stars by participating in Underground matches. Every match win or lose will net you Stars. Unlike Fame from Colosseum, you don't lose any Stars if you lose a match.
If you bail on a match midway, you won't get any Stars. By obtaining Stars, you'll be placed in the Rankings to compete with other Players to see who has the most Stars.

  • Winning a Match nets you 100P. Losing a match only nets you 50P.
  • You can also get up to an extra 10P based on the BP Ranking in the match. (1st Place BP in a match nets you 10P and goes down from there to 1P.)

As such, the max in you can earn from any one match is 110P and 51P at the minimum. The Stars you get will determine your next Rank. The Rankings reset every period.

Death Medals

Death Medals can be obtained from participating in Underground matches. Like Stars, you get them from completing a match (if you bail partway through, you don't get anything).
The amount of Death Medals you get per match are determined by your Rank.

Rank Death Medals
Head Gladiator 20
2nd Seat Gladiator 18
Senior Gladiator 16
Gladiator 14
Bullfighter 12
Lamb Flock 10

Death Medals can be exchanged in the Duel Medal Shop for Dragon Medals and Duel Medals. There may also be other things added in the future you can purchase.