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Added in the 2.1.7 patch, the new Training function allows you to train up to 4 Cards for a number of hours and allow them to gain EXP and other rewards.


  • At first, only one slot is open for a card to undergo Training. To unlock the additional three slots, you'll have to spend 10 Dragon Stones per slot (one-time only).
  • You can choose to send a Card out to an area for 3, 6, or 12 Hours at a time.
  • When sending a card out for Training, you can choose to spend Dragon Stones to increase the amount of EXP earned and/or cut the Training time in half.
  • Even while a Card is undergoing Training, you can still use it in Dungeons and so forth.


So why send cards out for Training? Those sweet, sweet rewards and free EXP!

Whenever a card returns from Training, you can gain the following:

  • EXP: The Card gains a certain amount/percentage of EXP based on the Training Area and any Friend Bonuses.
  • Gold: Gold is almost certainly a guaranteed reward, though it usually comes in small amounts.

Common Rewards

  • Gem Marrons
  • Skill Fairies
  • Gem Fairies
  • Rings (R, S, or SS-rarity of selected element)

Rare Rewards

  • GOD Ring (of selected element)
  • Overlord's Ring (DRA Ring)
  • Dragon Medals
  • Black Medals
  • Dragon Stone
  • Removal Stone
  • Orbs

Friend Bonuses

If you so happen to choose the same Training Area as your Friends, you can gain extra EXP for your card as well as additional rewards.

Rare Areas

Occasionally, upon returning from a Training trip, you can unlock one of four "secret" areas to send your cards to.
These are all 3hr locations, but once you've unlocked one, you'll have to send a Card there within 72 hours or you'll lose the spot.

[Golden Ruins]
Large amounts of Gold
[Shining Marron Forest]
Extra EXP for your card + Gem Marrons
[Fairy's Spring]
The card you send here will receive at least 1 direct Skill-Up + Skill Fairies
[Labyrinth of Treasures]
Receive 1-2 random Orbs

Other Tips

  • Choosing simply 12hr trips may not yield the best rewards; choose the right amount of time based on your playstyle!
  • Rewards can add up quickly; make sure to claim them from your Reward Box on the Main Screen.
  • Training is also a valuable way to obtain rare items such as Overlord's Rings and Orbs.
  • Many people simply run 3hr trips, so focus on these to get the most out of your friend bonuses if you're an active player.