Tower Dungeon

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Tower Dungeonbanner.png
Name Tower Dungeon
Type N/A
History Bi-Weekly (Wed-Sun/Tues-Sat)
Sphinxcard.pngOlog-haicard.pngDark Elfcard.pngDullahancard.pngRed Samuraicard.pngDeath Wormcard.pngCarmillacard.pngIfritcard.pngYggdrasilcard.pngBahamutcard.pngAlchemy Devilcard.pngImmortal Ninjacard.pngGenesiscard.pngAncient Magecard.png
Event Cards
Sphinx (Throne)card.pngDeath Worm Babycard.pngDark Elf (No Makeup)card.pngGreen Samuraicard.pngBahamut (Dragon)card.pngAncient Mage (Relative)card.png
Feeder Materials


The Tower Dungeon is a high-difficulty Dungeon that consists of 100 Floors. Essentially, it's an Endgame-based Dungeon full of super-strong enemies.
If you manage to defeat the Boss that appears at the end of every Stratum, you can earn Material Cards, Dragon Stones, and a rare chance to obtain the Card of the Boss defeated.


  • Cannot use SP, EXP, or SDP Boosts.
  • Cardify Skills and Double Bet SP Skill cannot be used.
  • Entering the Tower Dungeon consumes 1/6th of your Max STP. This then increases for every higher Floor you attempt.
  • Defeated enemies do NOT give EXP or Gold.
  • You cannot use your normal Decks; instead you must build a separate Tower Dungeon specific Deck using the Overdrive System.
  • You cannot invade on other Players already in the Tower Dungeon.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be Lv150 or higher. (Ideally, you need to be able to clear Dragon King/True Dragon King difficulty for Special Dungeons.)
  • Your Tower Deck must have a Deck Power of 80000 or higher.
  • Your Tower Deck must have active Cards in all available slots. (Cannot use non-equippable cards.)

Entering the Tower Dungeon

In the Tower Dungeon screen, you can choose to create a Room or choose Join to join a room.
The Blue button will allow to Create a Room, while the Green button will put you into a lobby with available Rooms as they show up.
When you create a Room, you can choose the Roles you wish to recruit to your Party. Ideally, a good Party will have diverse Roles. From there, the newly created Room will be open for 180 seconds for you to assemble more Players. After that, the Room will automatically close and you'll be kicked back to the main TD screen.


The Overdrive System is a new system meant for use in the Tower Dungeon.
By equipping an Overdrive, you can utilize "Super Ultimate Techniques" during battle as well as useful Passive effects.
You can customize the type of Overdrive you wish to use to power up your Tower Deck.

Overdrive Types

There are four different types of Overdrive:

Overdrive Role Characteristic Initial Passive Effect
Attack Drive Attacker Specializes in Attack Skills Max HP -1%, Attack Skill Power +12%
Defense Drive Defender Specializes in Defense/Shield Skills Max HP +10%, Shields 10% damage inflicted on an targetted ally.
Assist Drive Assist Specializes in Support Skills "W-Link" SP Cost -11
Heal Drive Healer Specializes in Healing Skills When you Heal the Party and have over 70% HP, increases Max HP by 1% for 2 Turns.
  • For the Defender's Passive, you have to manually target an ally during your active turn to give them the Shield.

Roles are decided for your Overdrive such as Attacker or Healer, so you can utilize your Overdrive accordingly to your role.
As you defeat Bosses, you'll earn Tower Points which you can then use to enhance your Overdrives to strengthen them.

Check the Overdrive Page for more detailed information about its mechanics.


Bosses will appear every three floors (up until after 90F where they pop up every two floors).
As you make your way up the Tower, the difficulty of the bosses will gradually increase.
The difficulty of the bosses starts from about God/Dragon King level and increases from there to even beyond True Dragon King.

That said, the bosses can be quite tough and unforgiving. If you manage to successfully defeat a Boss, you'll earn Tower Points.
The Bosses also have a rare chance to drop their Card as well as Treasure when you defeat them.

From 64F, the difficulty ramps up even more with a new set of Bosses for the remaining Floors and the N-Rarity enemies will get replaced with R-Rarity monsters.
The Anicent Mage also has a chance to appear as a Rare Boss Encounter on Non-Boss Floors from 64F onwards, so you'll need to stay on your toes.

Floor Boss Weaknesses Notes
3F, 42F, 63F Water.png Sphinx Wood, Slash, Hit Has Unbreakable Damage Reduction Shield, Iron Wall.
Can apply Damage UP and will inflict heavy damage to the Party after a number of turns.
After ~20 turns, she will Nuke the Party for fatal damage (140k+).
6F, 24F, 45F Wood.png Olog-Hai Fire, Stab Preemptive Attack: Attacks the Party several times and attempts to steal Buffs.
Hits fairly hard, loves to Steal Buffs and Heavily Debuff you.
Status Reflect and Damage Reduction Shields will help a lot.
Once he gets around ~40% HP, he starts getting more aggressive with his attacks and absorbs the Party's Buffs every few turns.
Avoid Buffing and utilize Status Reflect to have a much easier time.
9F, 27F, 48F Fire.png Dark Elf Water, Claw Preemptive Attack: Summons a Red Pixie and Flame Aile to assist her.
Can rarely reverse her Debuffs. Status Reflect is quite effective in reflecting her Debuffs back towards her.
12F, 30F, 51F Water.png Dullahan Wood, Stab, Holy, Seal Preemptive Attack: Puts a Sustained Doom effect on the Party that will instantly kill you after two turns.
You can overwrite it with another Sustain effect. Seal will prevent his Proclamation of Death attack.
Will occasionally inflict Debuffs with his attacks and can apply Damage UP.
15F, 33F, 54F Fire.png Red Samurai Water, Bite Preemptive Attack: Attacks and breaks the Party's Shields.
Hits pretty hard and attacks multiple times per turn. Immediately Debuff him or suffer!
Shields are pretty iffy against this Boss, as he likes to occasionally do extra attacks vs Shielded targets that hurt a lot.
He'll rarely inflict Paralysis as well.
18F, 36F, 57F Water.png Death Worm Wood, Claw Can inflict deadly Poison that deals lots of Damage. Can also occasionally inflict Blindness and break Shields.
Status Clearing/Reflect/Immunity are important! Otherwise, Debuffs make this fight not terribly difficult compared to some of the other Bosses.
21F, 39F, 60F Wood.png Carmilla Fire, Slash Preemptive Attack: Wipes Party's Buffs
Can absorb ALL of the Party's Buffs and inflict Charm. Her attacks will apply Stat Buffs, however, these won't get absorbed.
As such, don't Buff and you'll have an easier time of things.
Has a strong Release attack on the next turn after absorbing the Party's Buffs. Debuff her immediately or suffer lots of damage!
Will gradually Charge up every time she absorbs Buffs, which increases the power of her Release attack,
essentially putting you on a time limit since eventually her Release attack will pretty much one-shot you.
66F. 78F, 92F Fire.png Ifrit Water, Taunt Preemptive Attack: Breaks Shields and inflicts Burn.
Utilizes a unique Status Effect, Burn, which essentially burns your Green cards, rending them unable to be played.
Make sure to cure Burn quickly, since if you don't, Ifrit will follow up with a nasty attack to Burned allies.
69F, 81F, 94F Wood.png Yggdrasil Fire Can apply a nasty Sustained Debuff effect that absorbs your HP to heal himself and can inflict Zombify.
72F, 84F, 96F Water.png Bahamut Wood, Paralysis Utilizes a unique Status Effect, Submerge, which essentially submerges your Red cards, rending them unable to be played.
Can also inflict Paralysis and apply Absorption Shields.
75F, 87F, 98F Wood.png Alchemy Devil Fire, Hit, Slash Has a Charge mechanic called "Remembrance Charge".
After the charge reaches Lv.3, on the next turn he'll use a strong Release attack that breaks Shields, deals heavy damage and
inflict various Status Effects. After that, he'll start the Remembrance Charge from Lv.1 again.
Bring plenty of Debuffs; the Release attack can be avoided with Evasion Shields, otherwise use Defense Drive as a last resort.
90F Water.png Immortal Ninja Wood, Claw, Bite Can apply an Evasion Shield on himself and has some nasty attacks. Has an attack that does 99% HP damage.
Can also break Shields, inflict Blindness, and apply a Sustained Debuff effect that deals damage and Debuffs.
100F Water.png Dark Dragon Genesis Wood, Slash, Stab The Final Boss! Has a wide variety of attacks and changes form throughout the battle.
Essentially, he has three different forms each with their own gimmicks and attacks.
That said, strap in for a very long fight, as Genesis has around 50 Million HP to burn through!
Random Fire.png Ancient Mage Water Appears as a Rare Encounter on Non-Boss Floors from 64F onwards.
Can inflict Seal, Blindness, and Damage UP. Has some nasty attacks if you don't clear Status Effects.


  • A number of Bosses will react negatively to your own Buffs (Olog-hai, Carmilla, Bahamut); for those bosses, it's best to forego Buffing the Party lest you suffer their consequences.
  • The latter half of the Tower Dungeon bosses have MILLIONS of HP. Surprisingly, this makes Gehenna an effective card if you have his Brutal Scythe subbed. While the bosses have high Gravity Resistance (~90%), with an Enhance card, Gehenna can still be effective to use to take off a good chunk of their HP.
  • Cards like Star and Okuni can be effective to utilize as well. Especially Okuni on some of the later bosses as she can nullify a lot of deadly attacks they may carry.
  • Be sure to use your Super Ultimate Techniques wisely against the bosses! Don't waste them if there's no reason to use them.
  • If necessary, use cards like TS808, Cronos type-0, Vermillion, or Sphinx (Throne) to carry additional cards for Support. This is also a handy way to get around some of the restrictions the different Roles have.

Ancient Mage's Trial Ground

The Ancient Mage's Trial Ground sits underneath the Tower Dungeon featuring a Boss Gauntlet of six bosses to fight one right after the other. Defeat the Bosses to earn rewards, Tower Points, and maybe a chance to get their card!

Compared to the actual Tower Dungeon, the Trial Ground is a bit easier as the bosses don't have that much HP, and the first few can be defeated relatively easily. The last three bosses are about on par with those on God/Dragon King difficulty.

Floor Boss Weaknesses Est. HP Notes
B1F Water.png Sphinx (Throne) Wood, Slash, Hit 150k Can inflict Blind/Charm and apply various Shields.
B2F Wood.png Death Worm Baby Fire, Stab 240k Can steal Buffs; comes with two Minions that will attack the Party.
B3F Fire.png Dark Elf (No Makeup) Water, Claw 350k Comes with minions; they can inflict Confuse and Charm.
B4F Wood.png Green Samurai Fire, Stab 550k Preemptive Attack breaks Shields and wipes your Buffs.
Can self-apply Counter Shield, buffs himself frequently, and often attacks multiple times.
B5F Fire.png Bahamut (Dragon) Water, Claw 750k Buff himself on Preemptive and applies Fire Absorption Shield. Can inflict Burn Status and wipe Buffs occasionally.
Try to cure Burn if you get it as Bahamut will follow up with a nasty attack on the next turn to any allies that are Burned.
Break his Shield if at all possible.
B6F Wood.png Ancient Mage (Relative) Fire, Stab 1.2 mil Buffs himself +3 to all Stats for Preemptive Attack. Can inflict Debuffs, Blindness as well as frequently Buffing himself.
If he reaches +5 in all Stats, he'll start nuking the Party with strong Release attacks.
Definitely try to keep him Debuffed for an easier time.
  • Only B2F - B5F Bosses have a chance to drop their Cards after defeating the last Boss.
  • Sphinx (Throne) and Ancient Mage (Relative) can only be obtained through Special Missions (namely clearing the Trial Ground 10x and 30x times respectively).

Special Missions & Treasure

By clearing Floors in the Tower Dungeon, you can earn Dragon Stones and Titles from Special Missions!

Mission Reward
Clear 42F of the Tower Dungeon "Challenger" Title
Clear 63F of the Tower Dungeon "Qualifier" Title
Clear 100F of the Tower Dungeon "Chronicle" Title
Clear 1F - 19F without any interruption 3 Dragon Stones
Clear 19F - 37F without any interruption 3 Dragon Stones
Clear 37F - 58F without any interruption 4 Dragon Stones
Clear 58F - 79F without any interruption 4 Dragon Stones
Clear 79F - 88F without any interruption 5 Dragon Stones
Clear 88F - 99F without any interruption 5 Dragon Stones
Reach 10F, 20F, etc. for the 1st time. 4 Dragon Stones (per every 10 Floors)
Defeat the Ancient Mage for the 1st time 1x Ancient Mage card
Defeat the Ancient Mage twice 1x Ancient Mage card
Defeat Dark Dragon Genesis for the 1st time 1x Genesis card
Defeat Dark Dragon Genesis 3 times "Mercury" Title
Clear 100F with an Attacker Role twice "Destroyer" Title
Clear 100F with an Defender Role twice "Guardian" Title
Clear 100F with an Assist Role twice "Fusion Man" Title
Clear 100F with an Heal Role twice "Angel" Title
Clear the Ancient Mage's Trial Ground 10 times 1x Sphinx (Throne) card
Clear the Ancient Mage's Trial Ground 30 times 1x Ancient Mage (Relative) card
Clear the Ancient Mage's Trial Ground 100 times "Apprentice Ancient Mage" Title
Clear the Ancient Mage's Trial Ground 1000 times "Ancient Mage General Licenser" Title
Clear the Ancient Mage's Trial Ground in 6 Turns "Veteran Ancient Mage" Title

Additionally, when you defeat the Boss on a given Floor, they have a chance to drop Treasure.
The Treasure Rewards are set up similarly to Normal Dungeons where you'll need to get Treasure off several bosses to earn it.
These can be checked in-game.