The Sun and Moon Maidens

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The Sun and Moon Maidensbanner.png
Name The Sun and Moon Maidens
Type Points Exchange
History 4/20/2015 - 5/04/2015
Event Cards
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Fire.pngSirona is weak to Water, Slash, and Taunt
Water.pngChloe is weak to Wood, Stab, and Confusion

The bosses rotate each day through the 24-78 STA difficulties, but show up together from 96 STA onwards.

Event Cards

Sirona and Chloe can be obtained for 50,000 Stardust P each.

Feeder Mats

The feeder mats for this are Star Shards.

Star Shards come in Fire/Water types can be evolved into Lyra Shards, Cygnus Shards, Scorpio Shards, and Aquila Shards (S)

From there...

Lyra Shards (S): Evolvable into Lyra (S) or Lyra Shower (SS)
Cygnus Shards (S): Evolvable into Cygnus (S) or Cygnus Shower (SS)
Scorpio Shards (S): Evolvable into Scorpio (S) or Scorpio Shower (SS)
Aquila Shards (S): Evolvable into Aquila (S) or Aquila Shower (SS)

Lyra Shower (SS): Evolvable into Lyra (SS)
Cygnus Shower (SS): Evolvable into Cygnus (SS)
Scorpio Shower (SS): Evolvable into Scorpio (SS)
Aquila Shower (SS): Evolvable into Aquila (SS)

The S-Rank Constellations can evolve to SS using 3 of the same card.

The Constellations can be used as Sub Cards, but also used as Skill-Up Mats for the following Skills:

Lyra (Red) - Heal
Cygnus (Red) - Defense
Scorpius (Blue) - Status
Aquila (Blue) - Enhance

Treasure Rewards

初級 (24 stam): None
中級 (40 stam): None
上級 (60 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
鬼級 (78 stam): 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 stam): 10 Black Medals
神級 (114 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
竜王級 (132 stam): 20 Black Medals