The Dragon's Den

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The Dragon's Denbanner.png
Name The Dragon's Den
Type Points Exchange
History 08/05/2013 - 08/25/2013
01/13/2014 - 01/27/2014
7/6/2015 - 7/20/2015
Volkscard.pngDelicecard.pngGulldoscard.pngDoor Dragon Guardercard.png
Event Cards
Volks (Ravenous)card.pngDelice (Ravenous)card.pngGulldos (Ravenous)card.png
Feeder Materials
Bad Eggs

Dungeon Summary

Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons!

First two waves consist of Dragon-type enemies and Dragon Eggs that can be Cardified.

The boss you face rotates with each day with the element, much like the Ring Dungeons.

Fire.pngVolks: Weak to Water.pngStab.png and Paralysis
Water.pngDelice: Weak to Wood.pngStab.png and Paralysis
Wood.pngGulldos: Weak to Fire.pngStab.png and Poison
Wood.pngGuarder: Weak to Fire.pngStab.png

Door Dragon Guarder may randomly replace one of the bosses.

On 真竜王 (150 stam), you'll face the Awakened Ravenous versions of the bosses.

On 真竜王 (168 stam), you'll face off against all three Dragons at the same time, so come prepared!

The weaknesses for the Awakened Ravenous Dragons are fairly similar to before, but their Status weaknesses have swapped.
So Volks and Delice are now weak to Poison, Gulldos to Paralysis.


All bosses are weak to Stab attacks, so have plenty of those ready!
Volks and Delice are vulnerable to Paralysis, so having some cards that can inflict that will be useful as well.


  • Can Taunt the Party
  • Constantly buffs his ATK and AGI every turn.
  • Fairly weak, but high Attack; a good Enhance combo can wreck him before he gets you.


  • Can Petrify the Party
  • Constantly buffs his DEF and AGI every turn; if you can't clear his buffs or kill him quickly, it can greatly prolong the fight.


  • Can Zombify the party
  • Constantly buffs DEF and heals every turn. Can also apply Counterattack or Status Immunity on himself; Shield Breakers are useful here.
  • Poison can be very effective here. A Poison-inducing card such as Hydra with strong subcards and a Power-Up Enhance (like Ifrina) can do massive damage--easily around 40% of his max HP per turn.


  • Randomly replaces one of the other bosses.
  • Can apply a Damage Reduction Shield to himself
  • Can cause Confusion and lower stats
  • Can be Charmed and Cardified, though keep in mind that Guarder has a chance to drop his card from the Dungeon Chest.

Event Cards

Volks, Delice, and Gulldos can be obtained for 50,000 P each.
However, they have a chance to be obtained through Dragon Eggs can be cardified in the dungeon.
Regardless, you can only choose one of the three, so choose wisely.

The Ravenous forms of the dragons can either be obtained through the Dragon Eggs that can be Cardified, or evolved from the "base" forms of the dragons by using a Ravenous Dragon Stone as part of the evolution mats.

Guarder can be obtained either through random drop or Cardifying him.
Unlike the other cards, Guarder can only be evolved using Ravenous Dragon Stones. (4x to SSS, 5x to DRA)


The fodder for this event are Bad Eggs; they give 2x EXP to all Event Cards and quite a few more (see Event Info in-game for more details).

Try not to get them mixed up with the Dragon Eggs though!

Dragon Eggs

As stated earlier, Dragon Eggs will show up in the dungeon that can be cardified. They can then be "hatched" into Dragon-type cards.
Generally, the higher ranked the Egg is, the better the card will be. You can see what the Egg will hatch into when you go to the Evolution screen.
Keep in mind that you need Rings in order to "hatch" the Eggs.

Treasure Rewards

  • 中級 (42 stam): Ravenous Dragon Stone (Needed for evolution; 1 per Fire/Water/Wood dungeon for a total of 3. These also have a chance to drop at the end of the dungeon.)
  • 上級 (60 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 鬼級 (78 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 竜級 (96 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 神級 (114 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 竜王級 (132 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 真竜王 (150 stam): 5 Black Medals x3 (A set of 5 per Fire/Water/Wood dungeon)
  • 真竜王 (168 stam): 5 Black Medals