Temple of the Water Dragon

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Temple of the Water Dragonbanner.png
Name Temple of the Water Dragon
Type Points Exchange
History 08/25/2014 - 09/28/2014
Demarecard.pngDemare (Ravenous)card.png
Event Cards
Zombie Dragoncard.png, Heavy Dragoncard.png, Heat Dragoncard.png
Feeder Materials
eggs, fossils

Dungeon Summary

I heard you liked dragons. Dracos, Wyverns, and Dragons all spawn in the pre-boss waves and can be captured. Additionally, eggs may drop as a dungeon reward, which can also be evolved into the previously mentioned monsters.

Boss Strategy

Demare is weak to Smash and Poison, and Wald, as the typical "win button for whales", is the best suited to take avantage of those weaknesses. Gorilla, Loki, and Nadja are other good choices.

Demare and his minions constantly buff/debuff each other/your party, so pack lots of stat-affecting cards like Monica, Eru, etc.

Feeder Bonus EXP

Medal Shop Cards