Tatsunoko Collab Wave 3 - Yatterman Night Compilation

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Tatsunoko Collab Wave 3 - Yatterman Night Compilationbanner.png
Name Tatsunoko Collab Wave 3 - Yatterman Night Compilation
Type Points Exchange
History 5/25/2015 - 6/8/2015
Event Cards
General Gorocard.png Yatter Soldier Acard.png Yatter Soldier Bcard.png
Feeder Materials
Lord Oda

Dungeon Summary

Dorapo x Yatterman Night!

Cardify Skills are disabled in this Event Dungeon.

The first wave is a few Yatter Soldiers.

The second wave is General Goro, who is weak to Water and Hit attacks.
He basically acts as a miniboss; he can lower your stats and cause Paralysis.
On higher difficulty levels, he'll constantly buff himself.

Finally, the last wave is Dokurobey, who is weak to Fire and Stab attacks.
Dokurobey will fully heal the party as a preemptive attack, and then assault you with attacks that can debuff you and inflict Taunt.


For General Goro, cards like Fuujin, Asmodeus, Colt, Leviathan, Ame no Uzume, and Zashiki can be very useful for dealing with his attacks, buffs, and debuffs.

For Dokurobey, cards like Mammon, Noel, and Meiling can be used to deal major damage. Combine with a strong Power-Up Enhance and wreck him!

Event Cards

Yatter Soldier A and Yatter Soldier B can be obtained for 20,000 P each.

General Goro and Dokurobey can be obtained for 50,000 P each.

Leopard (Tatsunoko), Alouette・Galina, and Whispering Reporter can be obtained from the Collab Gacha.

The feeder mats are Lord Oda; they give 2x EXP to all associated Yatterman Night event cards.
They also act as Skill-Up fodder for any Skill!

Treasure Rewards

上級 (60 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
鬼級 (78 stam): 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 stam): 10 Black Medals
神級 (114 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
竜王級 (132 stam): GOD Fairy (Wood) x3