Tatsunoko Collab Wave 2 - Time Bokan Compilation

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Tatsunoko Collab Wave 2 - Time Bokan Compilationbanner.png
Name Tatsunoko Collab Wave 2 - Time Bokan Compilation
Type Points Exchange
History 12/29/2014 - 1/14/2015
Yattermancard.pngDoronjocard.pngMarjocard.pngMun Muncard.png
Event Cards
Tokyu Zauruscard.png Time Mechabutoncard.png Yatter-Wancard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

All bosses have no skill type weakness, just the standard elemental weakness.

Standard boss is 20x Yatterman
-Susceptible to Charm

Additionally, depending on the element/day of the week, different bosses can invade and will reward extra event points

20x Doronjo
-Susceptible to blind

20x Marjo
-Susceptible to poison

20x Mun Mun
-Not susceptible to anything

Medal Shop Cards

Special Rewards