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Wiki downtime backlog

yerga: 1/30/2017
I'd like the naming for variant cards to be <card_name> (<variant>). Variant should typically be the event name associated with the card's release (this means I should probably go back and change Kisshouten (Mega) and Leonidas (Mogul) to (New Year). I'm not sure what to do about Four's variants that all came from one event (maybe that should just be the exception...?) With a quick glance at the list below (let me know if I missed any)

Torte (Snow) -> Torte (Christmas) matches up with the convention of previous Xmas card page names. Put Torte (Snow) or Snow Torte as the actual name of the card on the page, rather than the page name.
Mahiru (Santa) -> Mahiru (Christmas)
Lumiere (Drunken) -> Lumiere (New Year)
Aphrodite (Heavy Drinker) -> Aphrodite (New Year)
Thor (Drunken) -> Thor (New Year)
Flamme (Yukata) -> Flamme (New Year)
Merrow (Yukata) -> Merrow (New Year)
Pillon (Yukata) -> Pillon (New Year)

Gacha Cards
Daisy Temperance Josie Rico Death Sherry (Christmas) Torte (Snow) Mahiru (Santa) Orko Michelia Serum Scathach Lumiere (Drunken) Aphrodite (Heavy Drinker) Coco Erika Gremory Maiden Garnet Hippolyta Hercules Devil Poire Shino Tower Valenti

Event Cards
Queen Mother Tank Sergeant Hunters Parasitic Eggs
Orthos Raviol Wellnesia Fluffy Kurai Enzegaru
Thor (Drunken) Flamme (Yukata) Merrow (Yukata) Pillon (Yukata) Dinner Set
Thanatos Erymanthus Crater Keryneia Old Iron Core

Stargazer Boy with Holy Wings and Small Miracle Dorapo Year-End Party Calamity of Olympus

Dryad Little Red Riding Hood
Yuu Sietto
Cracker Doll Poddy Kumaffy
Pearl Beryl Jade

Kaillera: @Ultra Please rename the above, then I'll continue with adding the card/monster art and event banners. Tell me once it's finished.