Steam Machine Corps

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Steam Machine Corpsbanner.png
Name Steam Machine Corps
Type Score Attack, Points Exchange
History 3/10/14 - 3/24/2014
12/15/14 - 12/29/2014
4/11/16 - 4/25/16
Cronoscard.pngCronos type-0card.png
Event Cards
Burn Kidcard.pngMetal Crabcard.pngAxe Jackcard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

First two waves consist of Robot-type cards. Gears will also appear that can be cardified.

The Boss of the dungeon is Water.pngCronos, who is weak to Wood.png, Paralyze, Confuse, Blind.

On Demon difficulty (72 STP) or higher, Water.pngCronos type-0 has a chance to replace Cronos as the boss.
Defeating Cronos type-0 will grant you additional points. It has the same weaknesses as Cronos.



  • Cronos will charge up every turn, and after a number of turns (3-5 depending on difficulty), will unleash its devastating Destroy Ray attack against the Party. However, if you manage to inflict Paralysis, Confusion, or Blind, Cronos will be forced to dump his charges. (On higher difficulties, it's effectively a wipe if you let Cronos get his Destroy Ray off.)
  • Cronos can also inflict Petrification and has an attack that will deal 2x damage to Petrified targets.
  • He can also inflict Debuffs with his attacks as well as wipe Shields every so often.
  • Debuffs can be quite handy for keeping Cronos' stats down; he buffs himself quite quickly on higher difficulties and hits very hard.
  • If you debuff Cronos too much, he'll clear his Debuffs, so watch out!

Cronos type-0

  • Type-0 is a little similar to regular Cronos, but with some differences.
  • Like Cronos, Type-0 will charge up every turn and after a number of turns (1-2 depending on difficulty), will unleash its Destroy Ray attack against the Party; what's significant here is that he'll Buff himself for a lot for each charge (+2-3 on higher difficulties). Debuff cards are necessary to keep him under control. Inflicting Type-0 with Paralysis, Confusion, or Blind will cause him to hit himself and dump his charges.
  • Type-0's Destroy Ray is a little different in that it has different effects depending on the charge he uses (these are semi-random):
    • The α Charge will result in a α Ray that deals heavy damage and inflicts Damage UP.
    • The β Charge will result in a β Ray that deals heavy damage and wipes all Buffs.
    • If Type-0's Buffs get too high, he'll start using an EX Charge. If you can't force Type-0 to dump his charge, he'll do a powerful 5-hit AoE attack and inflict Status Effects on the Party.
  • Type-0 can also inflict strong Debuffs, Taunt and Petrification with some of its attacks.
  • He can also occasionally apply various Shields (Iron Wall, Status Reflect, or Counter)

Recommended Cards

  • Attackers: Wood-elemental Cards and Cards that can inflict Confusion, Blindness, or Paralysis (Qued, Bivouac, Harushuto, Sagittarius, Jeanne, Asmodeus, Chloe, etc.),
  • Support: Power-Up Enhance, Debuffers (Pisces, Izanami, etc.), Healers/Buffers (Torte, Ceres, Spica, Gemini)

Event Cards

Point Cards

Bolt Engines

When you complete the dungeon, a Bolt Engine may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
These can be used as Evolution Material to evolve Cronos type-0. They also act as Skill-Up Material for ANY Skill. (Gem Fairy Equivalent)
You need 7 Bolt Engines to fully evolve Cronos type-0 to DRA. (3x to SSS, 4x to DRA)

Special Equipment Subs

There are three special equipment Sub cards you can obtain from this Event that can be used for Ace or Robot cards.
All three cards are available for purchase in the Medal Shop for 200 Dragon Medals and 5 Black Medals each.

  • Water.pngSS+.png Special Oil: When Ace or Robot-type main card's skill activates, boost AGI by 1, apply (AGI boost) x 4% Skill Boost
  • Water.pngSS+.png Super Battery: When Ace or Robot-type main card's skill activates, boost DEF by 1, apply (DEF boost) x 4% Skill Boost
  • Water.pngSS+.png Cronos Head EX: When Ace or Robot-type main card's skill activates, boost ATK by 1, apply (ATK boost) x 4% Skill Boost


The fodder for this dungeon are Gears. These can be obtained from the Gear Gacha or cardified from the dungeon.
They give 2x EXP to all Event cards and most Robot-type cards.

Point Rewards

  • 3 Black Medals for 10,000 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)
  • 150 Dragon Medals for 7,500 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)

Treasure Rewards

  • 上級 (60 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 鬼級 (72 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 雷級 (84 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 竜級 (96 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 神級 (114 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 竜王級 (132 stam): 3 Goddess Fairies (Water)
  • 真竜王級 (150 stam): ???