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Star Romance is a recurring Special Dungeon that pops up on the weekends, offering chances at Marrons and Fairies that give EXP and Skill Ups!.
It's essentially the "Boys" Version of Club Bad Girls, with the enemies being mostly of the "None" Type.
Similar to CBG, there's a chance of a SS-rarity "Boy" Card that may pop up as a boss on higher difficulty levels that can be captured.

Dungeon Info

Star Romance is split up into two different dungeon types:

  • Fairy and Boys: Fairy Boys will appear in the waves available for capture. Best to run if you need to level up your cards' Skills.
  • Gem and Boys: Gem Marrons will appear in the waves available for capture. Best to run if you need to level up your cards.

Typically, the higher difficulty dungeons will have better quality cards available on the last wave.
As noted earlier, there is also often a SS-rarity Card rotated into the standard mix that may show up a boss.

Unfortunately, the chances of capturing a SS/SS+ card are quite low, typically hovering around 0.20%. (And that's assuming they even show up in the first place.)
However, a number of those cards can be Charmed, which will greatly increase their Cardify Rate, making it easier to catch them.

For the most part, running Star Romanceon the Weekends can be quite beneficial to improving your Deck, especially if you need to get your Cards' Skill Levels up.

Other Info and FAQs

  • There's an Event Dungeon running....should I do Star Romance instead of it? Depends on the Event and if it has meaningful Fodder. For the most part, if you just need fodder for EXP, running the Event Dungeon is typically more worthwhile. If the fodder has Skill-Up material, it deepens on whether or not you can make use of it. If the Event has Universal Skill-Up fodder (Gem Fairy equivalent), it's a much better use of your time to stick to the Event.
  • So these SS Cards...are they really that hard to catch? As mentioned earlier, the actual capture rate is typically very low, usually hovering around 0.20%. That doesn't mean they're impossible to catch, but it's going to require luck, teamwork, and time. It could take 10 minutes or a few hours. In terms of difficulty, Star Romance sits on the easier end, since the Boys typically don't do much damage and you can Flush hands to stall them out. But if your primary goal is to actually capture one, you'll definitely want a stacked Party.
  • What's the most efficient difficulty to run? For Fairies, definitely 48 STP as it's very time and STP efficient. For Gem, 60 STP is the way to go.
  • Seasonal Variations: See Club Bad Girls for more info.

Available Cards

Normal/Rare Cards

Red Marroncard.png  Blue Marroncard.png  Green Marroncard.png  Red Goblincard.png  Blue Goblincard.png  Green Goblincard.png  Flame Dracocard.png  Aqua Dracocard.png 
Forest Dracocard.png  Desert Foxcard.png  Captain Tailcard.png  Hunter Rabbitcard.png  Red Soldiercard.png  Blue Soldiercard.png  Green Soldiercard.png 

SS Cards

The following are SS Cards that have been announced as capturable cards that will appear. Only a few (typically two) will show up each Session.
Be sure to check the Dragon Poker Twitter or the in-game notifications on which Cards will be available.

Horuscard.png  Zemucard.png  Shuten-dojicard.png  Belialcard.png  Apollocard.png  Lagunacard.png  Sinbadcard.png  Elielcard.png  Gawaincard.png 

Anubiscard.png  Kasumicard.png  Ariescard.png  Giovannicard.png  Tengucard.png  Merlincard.png  Waldcard.png  Tristancard.png  Ranmarucard.png