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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Has sub skill description(en)" with value "When target is a Girl-type, grants 25- Damage Boost". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Leviathan (Halloween)  + (When main skill activates, 20% chance of removing debuffs)
  • Soot  + (When main skill triggers, +1 DEF and take damage equal to 5% of current HP)
  • War Head  + (When main skill triggers, heal 2% of max HP (When target is less than 50% max HP, heal 5% of max HP instead))
  • Gene P  + (When main's attack skill triggers, +15% skill efficacy (If your HP is below 50%, +25% skill efficacy instead))
  • Nadja  + (When self is Poisoned, boosts main card's damage by 35%)
  • Noel  + (When self is paralyzed, boosts main card's damage by 35%)
  • Mandrill  + (When self is under Status, boosts main card's damage by 25%)
  • Belphegor (Halloween)  + (When skill activates, 20% chance to give +1 to all stats)
  • Tanosuke  + (When skill activates, 50% chance to recover 5% of HP)
  • Gemini  + (When skill is activated, gives +1 ATK or +1 DEF (Low chance to buff both ATK and DEF as well))
  • Hrist  + (When skill triggers, +1 AGI (If AGI is negative, +2 AGI instead))
  • Penguin  + (When target is a Girl-type, grants 25% Damage Boost)
 (When target is a Girl-type, grants 25- Damage Boost)
  • Hera  + (When target is a God, but NOT a Girl, grants 20% Damage Boost)
  • Devil  + (When the Main Card is a Demon, grants 25% Skill Boost, but self-inflicts Seal (When there is at least one Demon card in the played hand other than your own, grants 30% Skill Boost instead and clears Status Effects))
  • Eibon  + (When the main card is green, applies a +1 AGI buff and +10% skill efficacy increase (add +3% to the increase for every +1 AGI))
  • Belphegor  + (When you are Asleep, grants 50% Damage Reduction)
  • Bruto  + (When you are Blinded, grants 35% Damage Boost)
  • Wuru  + (When you are Confused, grants 35% Damage Boost)
  • Mami  + (When you are Sealed, grants 35% Damage Boost)
  • Phoenix  + (When your HP is below 15%, boosts Main Card's Heal Skill by 35%)
  • Coyote  + (When your HP is below 25%, grants 40% Damage Boost)
  • Alberich  + (When your Total Stat Value is Positive, grants 15% Skill Boost)
  • Surgut  + (While equipped to a Fire skill main, skill power 20% up (and another 5% for every other red card in the hand))
  • Argonaut  + (While equipped to a Water skill main, skill power 20% up (and another 5% for every other blue card in the hand))