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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "Heal self for x- of max HP". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Mermaid  + (Execute 3x non-elemental attacks, chance to inflict Sleep (this sleep greatly increases damage against the target))
  • Astro Boy  + (Execute 6 Hit-attacks that have a 50% accuracy, when target is under 40% HP attacks will not miss)
  • Gevurah  + (Execute a Hit-attack with chance to Taunt self (damage increases if self is Taunted))
  • Phantom  + (Execute a strong Fire-element attack)
  • Casshern  + (Execute a strong Water-Element Slash-attack, but lower attack/defense (the higher your reduction is at time of usage the stronger this attack is))
  • Sheeto  + (Execute a strong Water-element attack)
  • Crove  + (Execute a strong Wood-element attack)
  • Genbu  + (Executes 1-3 Hit attacks, applies a shield to self with x% damage reduction and ticks equal to the amount of attacks)
  • Dororo  + (Executes 1-3x strong Fire-attack)
  • Professor Ochanomizu  + (Executes 1-3x strong Water-attack)
  • Doctor Kiriko  + (Executes 1-3x strong Wood-attack)
  • Alouette & Galina  + (Executes 3x Hit attack, with 50% chance to inverse any positive DEF buff on target)
  • Leopard (Tatsunoko)  + (Executes 3x Stab attack, when three or more cards are in played hand give ATK buff to entire team (Skill's attack power also increases with higher team buff total))
  • Hydra  + (Executes 3x non-elemental attacks that will inflict Poison to targets, with a chance to reduce targets' ATK)
  • Formless Spawn  + (Executes a Bite attack with a chance to reduce the target's Defense.)
  • Medjed  + (Executes a random Skill from any Skill at the same Skill Level)
  • Pillon (Halloween)  + (Give yourself Iron Wall with a huge pumpkin! But is there a prank as well...?)
  • Kamome  + (Greatly decreases all targets' AGI and chance to inflict Blindness (If your AGI is negative, removes all negative AGI Debuffs from the Party))
  • Ceres  + (Heal Party for x% HP, grants Buffs depending on other cards in played hand other than your own (+ATK for Red, +DEF for Blue, +AGI for Green))
  • Tofu-kozo  + (Heal Party's HP, 50% chance to negate or reverse negative Stat Debuffs (For every 20% HP lost, heal increases by +5% each))
  • Mini Mermaid  + (Heal X% HP for entire party, but put self to sleep for 1 turn.)
  • Seraphinite  + (Heal all allies for x% HP (For every other Wood card in played hand, heal strength increases))
  • Konohana No Sakuya  + (Heal entire party for x% HP, 50% chance to remove negative stat debuffs (For every 20% HP lost, heal increases by +5% each))
  • Gigas  + (Heal for X% HP, grants +1 DEF, and chance to give Iron Wall (On Straight+, grants +1 DEF to party, chance to give party Iron Wall))
  • Filia  + (Heal self for x% of max HP)
 (Heal self for x- of max HP)
  • Michelia  + (Heal the Party's HP and chance to apply Damage Reduction Shield for the turn (As your Stat Total increases, Shield Chance and Damage Reduction increases))
  • Mini Pigeon  + (Heal x% HP for everyone (both party and enemies), 50% chance to remove buff/debuff effects)
  • Merrow (Halloween)  + (Heal yourself with a candy rain! But is there a prank as well...?)
  • Lefa  + (Heals 3 allies with the lowest HP for X% (Chance for Damage Reduction Shield to be applied.))
  • Kumaffy  + (Heals ENEMY party by tiny amount, chance to Charm)
  • Sacher  + (Heals Enemy targets' HP with a chance to apply a Sustained Debuff effect that has a chance to decrease ATK and inflict Charm at the end of every Turn for 3 Turns.)
  • Koropokkuru  + (Heals HP 5-10x of the lowest HP Allies, minimum # of Heals increases the greater the Hand made (Chance to apply Sustained Heal effect to targets that will heal 10% HP for 2 turns, 50% chance to remove Debuffs))
  • Lumiere  + (Heals HP for the Party with a chance to apply a 1-Turn Damage Reduction Shield (Shield Chance increases as target's HP decreases))
  • Silky (Swimsuit)  + (Heals HP of the 3 lowest HP allies)
  • Pearl  + (Heals HP of the 5 lowest HP allies, has a chance to increase ATK and a chance to apply Counter Shield (On Straight+, if Counter Shield is applied, applies Iron Wall as well))
  • Aria (Heal)  + (Heals HP to self, then Heals Party by small amount of HP)
  • Empress  + (Heals Party's HP and chance to apply Damage Reduction Shields for the turn (Damage Reduction increases as Target's HP decreases; Shield Chance increases if target's HP falls to 50% or less))
  • Petronius (Gig)  + (Heals Party's HP and chance to apply Damage Reduction Shield for the duration of the turn)
  • Lovers  + (Heals Party's HP and clears Status Effects (If Status Effects are cleared, increases HP Healed and buffs DEF))
  • Gemini (Festival)  + (Heals Party's HP with chance to apply 1-tick Damage Reduction + Counter Shield (Shield Chance and Counter Strength increases as your HP decreases))
  • Parsley  + (Heals Party's HP, 50% chance to inflict 5% HP recoil damage)
  • Kanari  + (Heals Party's HP, chance to give +1 AGI)
  • Pigeon  + (Heals X% HP 5-10 times for party members with lowest HP (Heal strength increases slightly when target has low HP))
  • Black Jack  + (Heals all allies by x% HP, on Straight+ also clears status effects)
  • Gemini  + (Heals all allies for x% HP. When there is at least one Red card and one other Blue card besides this one in played hand, chance to increase ATK and DEF as well (Heals more when HP is lower))
  • Torte  + (Heals allies for x% HP, buffs DEF and AGI (Buff power increases as target's HP is lower))
  • Floyd  + (Heals ally with the lowest HP)
  • Dryad  + (Heals entire Party's HP (When target's HP is low, Heal amount increases))
  • NanaAlt  + (Heals entire party (when target's HP is low, Heal amount increases))
  • Sirona  + (Heals for X% of HP, increases ATK)