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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "Execute 2-4 Slash-attacks that ignore defense skills". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Barachiel  + (Clears the Party's Status Effects, Heals their HP (Scales based on ally HP), and applies 4-tick Status Reflect + Damage Reduction Shield to the Party (Damage Reduction and Status Reflect ticks increase the lower the ally target's HP is))
  • Angel Face  + (Clears the Party's Status Effects, Heals their HP, and applies Status Immunity + Damage Reduction Shields (Damage Reduction increases as the target's HP decreases; If the target's Stat Total is Negative, wipes their Debuffs))
  • Dark Diana  + (Clears the Party's Status Effects, Heals them, and Buffs all Stats (On Skill Activation, Heal Strength increases the lower the ally target's HP is; The lower the ally target's Stat Total is, the stronger the Buff))
  • Willy  + (Clears the Party's Status Effects, Heals their HP, and applies 1-6 tick Status Reflect Shield (Minimum # of Status Reflect ticks increases as more allies are inflicted with Status Effects at the start of the Hand))
  • Arcadia  + (Cures all Status Ailments for the Party and heals the Party for X% HP. (The lower the target's HP, the more the healing increases.))
  • Gatchaman  + (Deal 1-5x fire hit type damage, but user also takes damage. More hits = more recoil damage)
  • Marjo  + (Deal a non-elemental attack against all enemies with a chance to blind (blind chance increases if target is girl))
  • Gawain  + (Deals 1x Slash attack and raises your Attack level (increases Skill Power as Attack level is raised, and further raises it at full HP))
  • Faboras  + (Deals 1x strong fire attack, 50% chance to apply 50% damage reduction shield)
  • Oulial  + (Deals 1x strong water attack, 50% chance to cleanse status and apply status immunity)
  • Foreba  + (Deals 1x strong wood attack, 50% chance to apply counterattack)
  • Tin Knight  + (Deals 2x slash damage, with a chance of reducing the next single instance of damage taken.)
  • Eibon  + (Deals 2x strong Wood-element attacks. (When equipped with Book of Eibon, changes Skill to Linked Skill).)
  • Dokurobey  + (Deals AoE non-elemental damage with a chance to inflict Poison, Taunt, or Blindness.)
  • Balloon Dinosaur  + (Deals large Bite damage, but causes recoil damage to user.)
  • Naughty Jolly  + (Deals large Hit damage, but user takes recoil damage.)
  • Babe-chan  + (Deals large Stab damage, but user takes recoil damage.)
  • Surgut  + (Deals strong Fire damage to the enemy, with a chance of paralyzing (adds another hit for each other red card in the hand))
  • Argonaut  + (Deals strong Water damage to the enemy, with a chance of blinding (adds another hit for each other blue card in the hand))
  • Sierra  + (Decreases all targets' ATK/AGI; executes Fire-elemental attack on all targets with a chance to inflict Seal (When 3 or more Red cards are in the played hand, Fire-elemental attack Skill Power increases))
  • Emeth  + (Destroys all targets' Shields and chance to apply Sustained Debuff effect to all targets that may decrease their ATK/DEF at the end of the turn for 3 turns (When a target has a Shield broken by this Skill, chance to reduce their DEF))
  • Mi-Go  + (Does a 2x Stab attack with a chance to Poison.)
  • Four (Kimono)  + (Enhances a linked card with a random effect of Power Up, AOE, or Multiply)
  • Little Match Girl  + (Execute 1-3 fire-element Claw attacks, grants counter to self (add damage reduction to counter if under 40% HP))
  • Suzaku  + (Execute 1-5 Stab attacks, heal allies for number of attacks * 8% HP (if your own HP is at 100%, attacks gain strong fire element))
  • Hyakkimaru  + (Execute 2-4 Slash-attacks that ignore defense skills)
  • Mermaid  + (Execute 3x non-elemental attacks, chance to inflict Sleep (this sleep greatly increases damage against the target))
  • Astro Boy  + (Execute 6 Hit-attacks that have a 50% accuracy, when target is under 40% HP attacks will not miss)
  • Gevurah  + (Execute a Hit-attack with chance to Taunt self (damage increases if self is Taunted))
  • Phantom  + (Execute a strong Fire-element attack)
  • Casshern  + (Execute a strong Water-Element Slash-attack, but lower attack/defense (the higher your reduction is at time of usage the stronger this attack is))
  • Sheeto  + (Execute a strong Water-element attack)
  • Crove  + (Execute a strong Wood-element attack)
  • Genbu  + (Executes 1-3 Hit attacks, applies a shield to self with x% damage reduction and ticks equal to the amount of attacks)
  • Dororo  + (Executes 1-3x strong Fire-attack)
  • Professor Ochanomizu  + (Executes 1-3x strong Water-attack)
  • Doctor Kiriko  + (Executes 1-3x strong Wood-attack)
  • Alouette & Galina  + (Executes 3x Hit attack, with 50% chance to inverse any positive DEF buff on target)
  • Leopard (Tatsunoko)  + (Executes 3x Stab attack, when three or more cards are in played hand give ATK buff to entire team (Skill's attack power also increases with higher team buff total))
  • Hydra  + (Executes 3x non-elemental attacks that will inflict Poison to targets, with a chance to reduce targets' ATK)
  • Formless Spawn  + (Executes a Bite attack with a chance to reduce the target's Defense.)
  • Medjed  + (Executes a random Skill from any Skill at the same Skill Level)
  • Pillon (Halloween)  + (Give yourself Iron Wall with a huge pumpkin! But is there a prank as well...?)
  • Kamome  + (Greatly decreases all targets' AGI and chance to inflict Blindness (If your AGI is negative, removes all negative AGI Debuffs from the Party))
  • Ceres  + (Heal Party for x% HP, grants Buffs depending on other cards in played hand other than your own (+ATK for Red, +DEF for Blue, +AGI for Green))
  • Tofu-kozo  + (Heal Party's HP, 50% chance to negate or reverse negative Stat Debuffs (For every 20% HP lost, heal increases by +5% each))
  • Mini Mermaid  + (Heal X% HP for entire party, but put self to sleep for 1 turn.)
  • Seraphinite  + (Heal all allies for x% HP (For every other Wood card in played hand, heal strength increases))
  • Konohana No Sakuya  + (Heal entire party for x% HP, 50% chance to remove negative stat debuffs (For every 20% HP lost, heal increases by +5% each))
  • Gigas  + (Heal for X% HP, grants +1 DEF, and chance to give Iron Wall (On Straight+, grants +1 DEF to party, chance to give party Iron Wall))
  • Filia  + (Heal self for x% of max HP)