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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "2x Stab attack, grants +1-2 ATK". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Rides  + (2x Slash attack that ignores Shields; Skill Power increases as the target's HP decreases (When the target's HP is 40% or less, executes an additional Non-Elemental attack that Steals +1 of all Stats))
  • Buzzcock  + (2x Slash attack with chance to Taunt target and yourself; Also deals 10% HP Recoil damage. (When target is Taunted, attacks become Fire-imbued. If you are Taunted, Skill Power increases.))
  • Jeanne  + (2x Slash attack, chance to Confuse (on straight+, chance to gain 3x Iron Wall for that turn))
  • Onibaba  + (2x Slash attack, chance to Lifesteal)
  • Lingling  + (2x Slash attack, chance to Poison)
  • Batista  + (2x Slash attack, chance to apply 3-tick Iron Wall + Counter Shield (Skill Power and Counter damage increases as your HP decreases))
  • Rion  + (2x Slash attack, chance to apply Sustained Debuff effect that may reduce the target's ATK/DEF for 3 turns (If target's Stat Total is positive, Sustained Debuff effect is guaranteed to apply))
  • Machika  + (2x Slash attack, chance to inflict Blindness (Grants +1 ATK; Skill Power increases as ATK increases; When your ATK is at +5, attacks become Fire-imbued))
  • Skeggjold  + (2x Slash attack, chance to inflict Paralysis (Skill Power and Paralysis Chance increases the higher the target's HP is; If target is Paralyzed, attacks are guaranteed to hit))
  • Kagura  + (2x Slash attack, chance to inflict Seal (If the target is already Sealed, lifesteals X% of the damage dealt and heals the Party's HP))
  • Lambert  + (2x Slash attack, chance to reduce target's AGI)
  • Recette  + (2x Slash-type attack, then heal the party for 20% HP)
  • Door Dragon Guarder  + (2x Stab Attack, increases DEF (Skill Power increases with higher DEF))
  • Gareth  + (2x Stab attack)
  • Dullahan  + (2x Stab attack (When your HP is less than 50%, executes 1x Non-Elemental attack; When your HP is less than 30%, executes 2x Non-Elemental attack))
  • Helmetres  + (2x Stab attack imbued with the Element that the target is weak to; Grants +1 to all Stats (20% chance to grant +2 to all Stats))
  • Minotaur (Danmachi)  + (2x Stab attack that breaks Shields (On Shield Destruction, Steals +1 ATK from the target))
  • Nyarlathotep (B)  + (2x Stab attack that breaks Shields (Skill Power increases on Shield Destruction and 50% Chance to steal target's ATK Buffs))
  • Eagle-Type Nebula Dragon M16  + (2x Stab attack that breaks Shields; Grants +1 AGI (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases))
  • Manfred von Karma  + (2x Stab attack with 50% Chance to Steal a target's ATK, DEF, or AGI Buffs)
  • Zhar  + (2x Stab attack with an additional AoE attack that has a chance to Seal (If your own HP is at 100%, attacks will gain strong Wood element))
  • Douman  + (2x Stab attack with chance to inflict Taunt (Skill Power and Taunt Chance randomly increases; When target is Taunted, Minimum Skill Power increases))
  • Hippolyta  + (2x Stab attack, 80% chance to apply Sustained Buff effect to yourself that grants +1 ATK & AGI each turn for 3 turns (ATK/AGI Buff effect increases by +1 each turn))
  • Chariot  + (2x Stab attack, chance to inflict Blindness (Self-applies Iron Wall; If you have Iron Wall or a Damage Reduction Shield active, Skill Power increases))
  • Seram  + (2x Stab attack, chance to inflict Paralysis (Skill Power and Paralysis Chance increases as more Angel cards other than your own are present in the hand))
  • Kinkaku  + (2x Stab attack, grants +1-2 ATK)
  • Ginkaku  + (2x Stab attack, grants +1-2 DEF)
  • Ran  + (2x Strong Elemental attack that attacks with the Element the target is weak against)
  • Ran (Rosalia)  + (2x Strong Elemental attack that hits with the Element the target is weakest to with a chance to inflict Blindness (When target is Blinded, Skill Power increases; When at least one target is Blinded, Lifesteals damage inflicted))
  • Emma  + (2x Strong Fire Claw attack. Additional Strong Fire attack if there is another Girl or Dragon card in played hand)
  • Honoka  + (2x Strong Fire attack)
  • FlameMan  + (2x Strong Fire attack)
  • Dark Elf  + (2x Strong Fire attack with chance to apply Sustained Debuff effect for 3 Turns that may lower the target's DEF and inflict Blindness)
  • Furaribi  + (2x Strong Fire attack, chance to Confuse all targets)
  • Lino (Yukinko)  + (2x Strong Water attack and self-applies Iron Wall (When you have Iron Wall or a Damage Reduction Shield active, executes an additional Non-Elemental attack))
  • Mercurius (Cronos)  + (2x Strong Water attack with a chance to execute a Hit attack (Hit attack damage increases as more Robot cards other than your own are in the played hand))
  • MegaMan (Bug Style)  + (2x Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (When target is Paralyzed, executes additional Non-Elemental attack and Steals +1 ATK))
  • MegaMan (Shadow Style)  + (2x Strong Water attack, increases your AGI, and 80% chance to self-apply 1-tick Evasion Shield (Skill Power increases as your AGI increases and if you have an Evasion Shield active))
  • Vindale  + (2x Strong Water-elemental Claw attack)
  • Bahamut  + (2x Strong Water-elemental attack, chance to reduce target's AGI (Debuff Chance increases if target is Red))
  • Chitose  + (2x Strong Wood attack)
  • Ram (ReZero)  + (2x Strong Wood attack that breaks Shields (When a target's Shield is destroyed, attacks are guaranteed to hit and Skill Power increases; also wipes target's ATK Buffs))
  • Mint  + (2x Strong Wood attack with chance to inflict Sleep (If a target is Asleep, applies Sustained Debuff effect that decreases their DEF for 2 Turns; If a target is Asleep, chance to inflict Deep Sleep; Sleeping targets take increased damage))
  • Sieg & Vermo (Genesis)  + (2x Water-Elemental Bite attack (When target is a Dragon, Skill Power increases))
  • Seiryu  + (2x Water-elemental Bite attack)
  • Fuujin  + (2x Water-elemental Hit attack)
  • Mordred (Baseball)  + (2x Water-elemental Hit attack with chance to inflict Seal (If the target is NOT Sealed, Skill Power and Seal Chance increases))
  • Latio (Christmas)  + (2x Water-elemental Hit attack, 80% chance to absorb one hit of the next water attack)
  • Sariel  + (2x Water-elemental Slash attack)
  • Sieg & Sigurd (Ragnarok)  + (2x Water-elemental Slash attack (If target is either a Hero or Eldritch, Skill Power increases))
  • Kamael  + (2x Water-elemental Stab attack)