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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "1x strong Wood attack, chance to add 1x Wood attack". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Lise  + (1~5x Strong Water attack and gain +DEF for the number of attacks delivered. (If player already has +5 DEF, the buffs you would have received are instead spread to the rest of the Party))
  • Nekone  + (2-3x AoE Claw attack with chance to inflict Seal (At the start of the hand, if any targets are Sealed, increases the Min. # of attacks by 1; When the target is Sealed, 20% chance to Reverse the target's Buffs))
  • Hono-ikazuchi  + (2-3x AoE Fire-elemental Bite attack that is guaranteed to hit and has chance to inflict Sleep (If the target is Asleep or has an active Shield effect, inflicts Damage UP effect))
  • Scorpion's Assassino  + (2-3x AoE Fire-elemental Slash attack that breaks Shields; If the target does not have an active Shield effect, Skill Power increases)
  • Quick Draw  + (2-3x AoE Hit attack that breaks Shields and self-applies Strong Counter + Damage Reduction Shield (If you have an active Shield effect when the Hand is made, executes 3x AoE attack instead))
  • O-ikazuchi  + (2-3x AoE Hit attack that breaks Shields (If a target doesn't have an active Shield, 20% Chance to Reverse the target's Buffs; If your HP is 50% or less at the start of the hand, increases the Min. # of attacks to 3))
  • Yashamaru  + (2-3x AoE Slash attack that breaks Shields and is guaranteed to hit (When you target a single foe, executes 3x Slash attack with chance to inflict Taunt instead, but attacks no longer break Shields))
  • Great Demon Belphegor  + (2-3x AoE Strong Fire attack that breaks Shields and has chance to wipe targets' Buffs (When you target a single foe, attacks have chance to inflict Deep Sleep, but no longer break Shields))
  • Apricot  + (2-4x Bite attack, 50% chance to Steal +1 ATK from target (Skill Power increases as your HP decreases; If your HP is lower than 40%, then Steals +2 ATK from target instead))
  • Elsa Allen (Zombie)  + (2-4x Bite attacks that ignore Shield (If enemy has Shield, attacks become Strong Fire elemental))
  • Cthugha  + (2-4x Fire-elemental Claw attack; For every other Red card in the played hand, Skill Power increases)
  • Hephaestus  + (2-4x Fire-elemental Hit attack, chance to reduce target's DEF by 3)
  • Elsa Allen  + (2-4x Slash attacks that ignore shield (If enemy has Shield, attacks become Strong Fire elemental))
  • Nohime  + (2-4x Water-elemental Slash attack; also executes an additional Slash attack with chance to Blind. (As the target's HP decreases, additional Slash attack damage and Blind Chance increases))
  • Isabel  + (2-4x Wood-elemental Claw attack; Skill Power increases as your Stat Total decreases (When your Stat Total is Negative, 50% chance to transfer one of your ATK, DEF, or AGI Debuffs to the target))
  • Heat Dragon  + (2-hit Claw-attack with a chance to gain a Counter.)
  • Charlotte  + (2x AOE Hit attack (chance to miss; cannot miss when enemy below 40% HP))
  • Fiamma of the Right  + (2x AOE Hit attack (guaranteed to hit) with chance to inflict Paralysis; If a target is Paralyzed, chance to reverse their Buffs (Buff Reversal Chance increases as the target has more HP))
  • Falco  + (2x AOE Slash attack (damage increased when target's HP is below 40%))
  • Ryuu Lion (Danmachi)  + (2x AOE Strong Elemental attack that attacks with the Element the target is weak against with a chance to inflict Seal; Skill Power increases as more targets are Sealed (When you target a single foe, Skill Power increases and attacks that foe only))
  • Echidna  + (2x AoE Bite attack with chance to inflict Blindness (When target is Blinded, chance to inflict 1.5x Damage UP effect and reduce the target's DEF by -2))
  • Falco (Wrestler)  + (2x AoE Claw attack (When a target's HP is 40% or less, Skill Power increases))
  • Dongfang Bubai  + (2x AoE Claw attack (guaranteed to hit) that breaks Shields (On Shield Destruction, greatly reduces the target's AGI; For every target attacked that has -1 AGI, increases your AGI by +1))
  • Tick Tock Man (AW)  + (2x AoE Claw attack that ignores Shields (When the target has an active Shield, imbues attacks with the Element they're weak against; When at least one of your Stats is Negative, transfer your Debuffs to all enemy targets))
  • Hyouka  + (2x AoE Claw attack with chance to inflict Blindness (Skill Power increases as more targets are Blinded; When target is Blinded, wipes their DEF Buffs))