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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "1x strong Fire attack". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Honami  + (1x Water-elemental Slash attack (Guaranteed to hit) and executes additional Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Taunt (For every Blue card in the played hand, Strong Water attack Skill Power increases))
  • Setsuna  + (1x Water-elemental Slash attack that can break Shields (If a target's Shield is destroyed, 50% chance to wipe target's ATK & DEF Buffs))
  • Lancelot  + (1x Water-elemental Slash attack, plus 1x strong Water-elemental attack (Chance to reduce targets' DEF))
  • Cavai  + (1x Water-elemental Stab attack)
  • Crater  + (1x Water-elemental Stab attack)
  • Touko  + (1x Water-elemental Stab attack that breaks Shields (Skill Power and Accuracy increases as the target's DEF increases; Skill Power increases by 1.2x on Shield Destruction))
  • Neko Valkyrie  + (1x Water-elemental Stab attack with extra damage, but self-Paralyze)
  • Alpha 70  + (1x Water-elemental attack, recovers 5% HP)
  • Rosa  + (1x Wood attack, chance to inflict Charm)
  • Hashihime (B)  + (1x Wood-Elemental Bite attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (If target is Paralyzed, Skill Power increases and greatly reduces the target's ATK))
  • Xiao (Entertainment)  + (1x Wood-Elemental Hit attack that breaks Shields and increases your AGI (When your AGI is +5, grants +1 AGI to the Party))
  • Gold Lightan  + (1x Wood-Elemental Stab attack that breaks Shields; also executes additional Non-Elemental Stab attack (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases))
  • Leon  + (1x Wood-elemental Bite attack)
  • Mahiru (Christmas)  + (1x Wood-elemental Bite attack that breaks Shields (If the target's Shield is destroyed, Debuffs their ATK/AGI))
  • Strong Joe  + (1x Wood-elemental Bite attack; Grants +1 ATK/DEF (On Full House, grants +3 ATK/DEF instead))
  • Bastet  + (1x Wood-elemental Claw attack (strength of attack may vary))
  • Suihaku  + (1x Wood-elemental Hit attack)
  • Chris  + (1x Wood-elemental Hit attack (As your HP drops, executes more attacks))
  • Moneco  + (1x Wood-elemental Hit attack with extra damage, but deal damage to self)
  • Uriel  + (1x Wood-elemental Hit attack, chance to reduce damage from the next single instance of damage to the Party.)
  • Michael  + (1x Wood-elemental Slash attack, chance to apply Iron Wall to self.)
  • Holyn  + (1x Wood-elemental Stab attack)
  • Beowulf  + (1x high-damage Bite attack with reduced Accuracy (Attack guaranteed to hit if HP >= 70%))
  • Yatterman  + (1x hit type attack (damage increases as your HP is lower))
  • Zadkiel  + (1x large Fire-elemental Hit attack, but lowers your AGI)
  • Genos  + (1x large Slash attack (may miss); deals additional Holy damage if target is Undead (The lower the target's Total Stat Value is, Slash Skill Power and Accuracy increases))
  • Raphael  + (1x large Water-elemental Hit attack, lowers your AGI)
  • Tetsuro  + (1x large Wood-elemental Hit attack (70% Accuracy; Accuracy increases as your HP decreases; If target is a Robot, attacks are guaranteed to hit.))
  • Flame Lord  + (1x strong Fire attack (on straight+, add 1x Fire-elemental Hit attack))
  • Volks (Ravenous)  + (1x strong Fire attack, chance to add 1x Fire attack)
  • Volklingen  + (1x strong Fire attack, chance to inflict Darkness (damage increased when self has low HP))
  • Bream Cannon  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Blue Wyvern  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Aqua Dragon  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Gun Spider  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Octopus Baby  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Delice  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Merrow  + (1x strong Water attack)
  • Snow Devil  + (1x strong Water attack, chance to Paralyze)
  • Delice (Ravenous)  + (1x strong Water attack, chance to add 1x Water attack)
  • Aqua Lord  + (1x strong Water-elemental attack (on straight+, add 1x Water-elemental Stab attack))
  • Trent  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Rafflesia  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Gulldos  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Forest Dragon  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Griffin  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Pillon  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Green Wyvern  + (1x strong Wood attack)
  • Plantina  + (1x strong Wood attack, chance to Confuse)
  • Wind Tiger  + (1x strong Wood attack, chance to add 1-2x Wood attack)