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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "1x Strong AoE Water attack, 33- chance to wipe target's DEF Buffs". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Odin  + (1x Stab attack)
  • Muse (Valentines)  + (1x Stab attack)
  • Gonroku  + (1x Stab attack (Chance to miss))
  • Stella  + (1x Stab attack (On ​​Straight+, gain Strong Water element on attack))
  • Douglas  + (1x Stab attack (Skill Power increases as your HP decreases; If your HP is at 100% or your Party's Stat Total is negative, executes an AoE Stab attack instead))
  • Pluto (Tezuka)  + (1x Stab attack and also executes additional non-elemental attack with a chance to Paralyze)
  • Unicorn  + (1x Stab attack and remove Status (chance for Stab attack to be boosted))
  • Mahiru (B)  + (1x Stab attack that breaks Shields (If a target's Shield is broken, greatly reduces their ATK))
  • Licker  + (1x Stab attack that ignores Shields)
  • Shin  + (1x Stab attack with 50% chance to decrease a target's Stats by -1 and grant +1 to all Stats to yourself)
  • Crow of Greed  + (1x Stab attack with chance to inflict Sleep (When target is Asleep, 50% chance to Steal +1 of all Stats))
  • Reindeer Rider  + (1x Stab attack with extra damage, but large DEF reduction for that turn)
  • Walrus  + (1x Stab attack, +1 DEF (adds +ATK when DEF is higher than 0))
  • Raiju  + (1x Stab attack, chance to Paralyze)
  • Azzurro  + (1x Stab attack, chance to Paralyze and give target -1 ATK/DEF (when target is already Paralyzed, debuff effect cannot miss))
  • Dark Scorpion  + (1x Stab attack, chance to Poison)
  • Tengu  + (1x Stab attack, chance to Seal and 1-2x additional Stab attack)
  • Demon Pilgrim  + (1x Stab attack, chance to increase ATK.)
  • Ruriha  + (1x Stab attack, chance to inflict Sleep)
  • Apollo  + (1x Stab attack, grants +1 ATK (On Straight+, grants +2 ATK instead))
  • Jade  + (1x Stab attack, has a chance to apply counterattack with damage reduction to self (On Straight+, chance spreads to all allies))
  • Raviol  + (1x Stab attack, increases the Party's DEF (As your HP decreases, Skill Power and DEF Buff increases))
  • Blue Knight  + (1x Stab-attack with x% chance to Paralyze)
  • Fear Rare  + (1x Strong AoE Fire attack, 33% chance to wipe target's ATK Buffs)
  • Wendy Ryui  + (1x Strong AoE Water attack, 33% chance to wipe target's DEF Buffs)
 (1x Strong AoE Water attack, 33- chance to wipe target's DEF Buffs)
  • Windy Leaf  + (1x Strong AoE Wood attack, 33% chance to wipe target's AGI Buffs)
  • Blackbeard  + (1x Strong Bite attack, but self-inflicts -1 AGI)
  • Latio  + (1x Strong Elemental attack that attacks with the Element the target is weak against and has 50% chance to inflict 1.5x Damage UP effect)
  • Meliodas  + (1x Strong Elemental attack that hits with the Element the target is weak against and self-applies 1-tick Iron Wall + Strong Counter Shield (Skill Power and Counter Strength increases as your HP decreases))
  • Vesty  + (1x Strong Fire AoE attack (Skill Power increases when the target's HP is 40% or less))
  • Dark Elf (No Makeup)  + (1x Strong Fire attack (50% chance to remove Debuffs from yourself))
  • Vermillion  + (1x Strong Fire attack that breaks Shields (Will allow you to select one Sub Card attached to Vermillion and activate its Main Skill))
  • Homura  + (1x Strong Fire attack that can destroy Shields; If target is Green, 50% chance to give +1 to all Stats to the Party (On Shield Destruction, reduces all of the target's Stats by 1.))
  • Akane  + (1x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Seal (Skill Power increases as more Red cards other than your own are in the played hand))
  • Pharaoh  + (1x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Poison, Paralyze, Petrify, or Blind)
  • Magical Flute Sorcerer  + (1x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (When the target is Paralyzed, chance to decrease all of the target's Stats by -1))
  • Brulee  + (1x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Poison)
  • Valentine  + (1x Strong Fire attack, 70% chance to Charm all targets (If target is Charmed, 50% chance to lower their ATK/AGI by 1))
  • Vanir Doll (KonoSuba)  + (1x Strong Fire attack, but incur 5% HP Recoil damage (50% Chance to increase Skill Power))
  • Choux Crimson  + (1x Strong Fire attack, chance to give +1 ATK to the Party.)
  • Garnet (New Year)  + (1x Strong Fire attack, chance to inflict Sleep (Skill Power increases with more Red cards in the played hand; 50% chance to execute 3x Strong Fire attack instead))
  • Volks  + (1x Strong Fire-elemental attack)
  • Rivol (Wrestler)  + (1x Strong Hit attack (50% Chance to miss))
  • Shachiminator  + (1x Strong Slash attack (Chance to miss, Accuracy increased when HP is low))
  • Yuri  + (1x Strong Water AoE Attack with chance to inflict Sleep (If the target is Asleep, chance to inflict Deep Sleep; When you target a single foe, executes a 1x Strong Water attack instead with increased Skill Power and Sleep Chance))
  • MegaMan  + (1x Strong Water attack that breaks Shields (Skill Power increases the more this Skill is used))
  • Ryujin (Turtle)  + (1x Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Paralysis)
  • Soprano Mousse  + (1x Strong Water attack, chance to give +1 DEF to the Party)
  • Nabu  + (1x Strong Water attack; Lifesteals X% damage inflicted)
  • Isis  + (1x Strong Wood attack and Heals Party's HP (Heal Strength increases as the Recovery Target's HP decreases))