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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "1x Hit attack that ignores Shields". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Alcoholic Tanuki  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Magma Centipede  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Neko  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Escargot  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Cyclops  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Octopus  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Gang Sheep  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Fire Beetle  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Sakon  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Neuruhaid  + (1x Hit attack)
  • Mozgus  + (1x Hit attack (Chance to miss; Accuracy increases as the target's HP decreases))
  • Canodumb  + (1x Hit attack (Guaranteed to hit))
  • Diane  + (1x Hit attack (Guaranteed to hit) that breaks Shields; Also executes additional Non-Elemental Stab attack with chance of lowering the target's DEF (The more HP the target has, Skill Power and DEF Debuff effect increases))
  • Bull Demon King  + (1x Hit attack (If target has a Shield effect, destroys it and increases damage))
  • Alchemy Devil  + (1x Hit attack (Skill Power increases are more Hit cards are present in the hand other than your own; If any Debuff card is in the played hand, attack may also reduce ATK & DEF.))
  • Masked Buffalo  + (1x Hit attack (damage increases when ATK/DEF are not neutral))
  • Oni Macho Bros  + (1x Hit attack (guaranteed to hit) that breaks Shields (Randomly increases in Skill Power; On Shield Destruction, attack becomes imbued with the Element the target is weak against and Skill Power increases to its max))
  • Red Onisuke  + (1x Hit attack (guaranteed to hit) that breaks Shields; Grants +1 ATK)
  • Fafnir (New Year)  + (1x Hit attack (guaranteed to hit) that may Steal +1 of all Stats)
  • King Enma  + (1x Hit attack that breaks Shields (Skill Power increases as your ATK increases; When target's Shield is destroyed, 50% chance to steal target's ATK Buffs))
  • Isidro  + (1x Hit attack that breaks Shields (When a target's Shield is destroyed, inflicts -1 to all Stats))
  • William Birkin  + (1x Hit attack that breaks Shields, chance to Zombify (If target is Zombified, 50% chance to steal +1 of each Stat))
  • Taurus (Festival)  + (1x Hit attack that breaks Shields, grants +1 ATK (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases))
  • Sphinx (Throne)  + (1x Hit attack that cannot miss (Will allow you to select one Sub Card attached to Sphinx (Throne) and activate its Main Skill))
  • Soot  + (1x Hit attack that destroys Shields)
  • Henrietta  + (1x Hit attack that destroys Shields and has chance to Confuse (When destroying a Shield, also debuffs target's ATK))
  • Kiel  + (1x Hit attack that ignores Shields)
  • Tanya  + (1x Hit attack that ignores Shields)
  • Mobile Infantry with Mini Bivouac  + (1x Hit attack that is guaranteed to hit and has chance to inflict Charm (If target is Charmed and all of its Stats are Positive, 100% Chance to wipe its Buffs; If target is NOT Charmed, Charm chance increases))
  • Banshee  + (1x Hit attack with chance to Steal +1 AGI from target)
  • Wire Sponge (MMX)  + (1x Hit attack with chance to Steal any of the target's Buffs (ATK/DEF/AGI) respectively)
  • Sisters  + (1x Hit attack with chance to inflict Paralysis)
  • Mecha Soldier  + (1x Hit attack with chance to reduce target's AGI)
  • Deep One  + (1x Hit attack with chance to reduce target's ATK)
  • Cronos  + (1x Hit attack, +1 ATK (when ATK is already higher than 0, 2x Hit attack instead))
  • Gorilla  + (1x Hit attack, 3 additional Hit attacks with chance to miss)
  • Fasolt  + (1x Hit attack, 50% chance to give +1 ATK)
  • Former Shopkeeper  + (1x Hit attack, Lifesteals x% of damage inflicted)
  • Chelsea  + (1x Hit attack, chance to Charm (Cardify rate increases by X%), and chance to Cardify)
  • Kiva  + (1x Hit attack, chance to Confuse)
  • Marumo  + (1x Hit attack, chance to increase ATK or DEF)
  • Jizo Imp  + (1x Hit attack, chance to increase DEF.)
  • Fasolt (Dragon)  + (1x Hit attack, chance to steal +1 of all Stats from the target)
  • Ippon-datara  + (1x Hit attack, destroys target's Shield.)
  • Emeraldes  + (1x Hit attack, grants self +1 AGI (Skill Power increases as your AGI increases; If target is inflicted with a Status Effect, attacks become imbued with the Element the target is weakest to))
  • Karo  + (1x Hit attack, heals X% HP for the Party)
  • Lee Long  + (1x Hit attack, increase your AGI (When your AGI >= +1, execute an additional attack for each +1 AGI, up to maximum of 6 attacks))
  • Beat  + (1x Hit attack, self-applies Counter Shield for one Turn)
  • Count Mecha  + (1x Hit attack; On Straight+, adds extra Hit attack)
  • TongChinKan  + (1x Hit attack; also executes 1x Slash and Bite attack)
  • Cat Titan  + (1x Hit-attack (when enemy has activated Shield or Counter skill, destroy the Shield or Counter and increases damage))
  • Sonia  + (1x Holy attack (Deals increased damage against Undead))