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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Has main skill description(en)" with value "1x Bite attack, chance to inflict Zombify". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Viperfish  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Man-Eating Plant  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Mongoose Snake  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Ninja Dog Koro  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Mad Carpet  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Flame Lizard  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Sea Snake  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Sea Serpent  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Crocodile Pope  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Phantom Thief Bat  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Goblin Boy  + (1x Bite attack)
  • Hellhound  + (1x Bite attack (When below 80% HP, add up to 3x Bite attack; number of additional attacks increases with lower HP))
  • Coeurl Wolf  + (1x Bite attack (damage boosted when target's HP is low))
  • Hanako (Toilet God)  + (1x Bite attack (guaranteed to hit) that break Shields (As the target's Stat Total increases, Skill Power increases; If all of the target's Stats are Positive, Wipes their Buffs))
  • Anna Allen (Zombie)  + (1x Bite attack and breaks target's Shield (Randomly increases in power))
  • Bahamut (Dragon)  + (1x Bite attack and increases your ATK)
  • Chrome  + (1x Bite attack that breaks Shields (If target has a Shield active, attack is guaranteed to hit; Skill Power increases as more Undead cards are Subbed))
  • Death Worm  + (1x Bite attack that breaks Shields (On Shield Destruction, decreases the target's ATK & DEF))
  • Mari (Kuchisake)  + (1x Bite attack that breaks Shields and is guaranteed to hit (Skill Power increases as the target's HP decreases; If the target's Stat Total is Positive, 50% Chance to Steal +2 of all Stats from them))
  • Anusaya  + (1x Bite attack with chance to Steal +1 ATK from the target)
  • Bone Beast  + (1x Bite attack, +1 DEF)
  • Hunters  + (1x Bite attack, Lifesteals damage dealt)
  • Werewolf  + (1x Bite attack, but decreases your DEF by -2. (On Full House+, executes additional Claw attack))
  • Pharaoh Cobra  + (1x Bite attack, chance to Poison)
  • Kato  + (1x Bite attack, chance to Poison)
  • Zombie Cop  + (1x Bite attack, chance to inflict Zombify)
  • Wanyudo  + (1x Bite attack, chance to reduce target's DEF)
  • Fenrir  + (1x Bite attack, destroys Shields (If target's Shield is destroyed, increases damage and lowers DEF))
  • Shoggoth  + (1x Bite attack; Lifesteals damage inflicted)
  • Tunnel Mole  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Hungry Panda  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Hermit Panther  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Pirate Lobster  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Torch Lizard  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Merman (N)  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Hammer Bear  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Wind Chameleon  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Lizardman  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Monkey Eye  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Horn Tiger  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Calling Crab  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Goth Cat  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Chimera  + (1x Claw attack)
  • Aniolowski  + (1x Claw attack that breaks Shields and is guaranteed to hit (When the target's Stat Total is Positive, wipes their Buffs; On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases))
  • Gambler (Flame)  + (1x Claw attack that is guaranteed to hit, breaks Shields, and has chance to inflict Confusion (If target is an Outlaw, attack becomes Fire-imbued))
  • Cat Sith  + (1x Claw attack with chance to inflict Charm (Increase Cardify Rate); On Straight+, chance to inflict Charm on all targets)
  • Tichelle (Swimsuit)  + (1x Claw attack with chance to inflict Charm)
  • Bastard Child  + (1x Claw attack with chance to reduce target's DEF)
  • Manatee Boatswain  + (1x Claw attack, chance for weak damage reduction)
  • Nekomata(S)  + (1x Claw attack, chance to Confuse)
  • Stingray X  + (1x Claw attack, chance to activate Counterattack (small chance for damage to be increased))