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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has awoken sub skill description(en)" with value "When Main Card's Attack skill activates, add 1x Slash and Stab attacks". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Rivol  + (When Main Card's Attack skill activates, add 1x Slash and Stab attacks)
    • Gehenna  + (When Main Card's Cardinal is a multiple of 4, grants 40% Skill Boost and 10% Damage Reduction)
    • Alice  + (When Main Card's Heal Skill activates, heals 5% HP and 35% chance to reduce the next instance of damage by 30%.)
    • Emily  + (When Main Card's Shield Skill activates and your HP is 75% or less, Heals 10% HP and grants +1 ATK)
    • Franken  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, 33% chance to apply 1-tick Counter; If HP is 50% or below, applies Counter + Damage Reduction (30%) Shield)
    • Priscilla  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, 80% chance to increase ATK & DEF)
    • Xebec  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, grants +1 DEF (When you have less than 70% HP, grants +2 DEF instead))
    • Asmodeus  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, grants 20% Skill Boost and 33% chance to Charm all enemies but self-inflicts -1 ATK)
    • Mammon  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, grants 25-30% Skill Boost, but 33% chance to self-inflict -1 ATK)
    • Zashiki  + (When Main Card's Skill activates, grants +1 DEF/AGI (50% Chance to grant +2 DEF/AGI instead))
    • Loki  + (When Main Card's skill activates, chance that it activates 2-3 times instead)
    • Kumaffy  + (When Main Card's skill activates, grants 15% Skill Boost and 30% chance to Charm all targets (Only applicable in Dungeons))
    • Amaterasu  + (When attached to A, skill efficacy +10% and 15% damage reduction (When main is Fire, skill efficacy +20%. If it's also A, 15% damage reduction))
    • Ame no Uzume  + (When attached to card with Buff/Debuff main skill, Skill Efficacy +15% (On Straight+, Skill Efficacy +20% instead))
    • Lancelot  + (When enemy is Girl, boosts main card's damage by 30% (if Fire element and Girl, 40%))
    • Mandrill  + (When inflicted with a Status Effect, grants 30% Skill Boost)
    • Odin  + (When main card has Enhance skill, boosts it by 15% and receive 5% less damage at all times (increases to 20% on Straight+))
    • Masked Buffalo  + (When main card is A and HP is at 100%, grants 20% Damage Reduction (When your HP decreases, grants 10% Damage Reduction instead))
    • Pinoko  + (When main card is A, enemies' Status Effects have 20% less chance to hit self)
    • Zeus  + (When main card is A, grants 15% Skill Boost and receive 10% less damage at all times)
    • Vulcan  + (When main card is A, receive 15% Damage Reduction from Wood enemies)
    • Lise  + (When main card is Blue, grants 20% Skill Boost on Straight+ (Grants additional +2% Skill Boost for every Blue card in the played hand))
    • Azzurro  + (When target is Dragon-type, give 25% Skill Boost (35% on Straight+ with Attack Skill))
    • Laguna  + (When target is Dragon-type, grants 20% Damage Boost (35% on Straight+))
    • Lino  + (When target is NOT Girl, grants 25% Skill Boost)
    • Lino (Halloween)  + (When target is NOT Girl, grants 25% Skill Boost)
    • Belphegor  + (When you are Asleep, grants 50% Damage Reduction and 3% Increased Healing Received)