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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has awoken main skill description(en)" with value "3x Water-elemental Stab attack, but rare chance to self-inflict Taunt". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Johann  + (3x Holy attack, chance to deal damage based on percentage of enemy's HP (Skill Power and Gravity Damage/Chance increases if target is Undead; grants +1 ATK))
  • Aladdin  + (3x Non-Elemental Stab attack, 30% chance to increase Skill Power (When target is a Genie, inflicts double damage and executes 1x Strong Elemental attack with the Element the target is weakest to))
  • Vulcan  + (3x Non-Elemental attack, chance to inflict Taunt (Self-applies Counter + Damage Reduction Shield for 3 turns; When target is Taunted, executes strong Fire attack))
  • Chloe  + (3x Non-elemental attacks, chance to inflict Blindness)
  • Tsukuyomi  + (3x Slash attack (ignores enemy's Shield skills))
  • Namahage  + (3x Slash attack that ignores Shields; Skill Power increases for every Green card other than your own in the played hand)
  • Lucifer  + (3x Slash attack, grants +1 to all Stats, and chance to Debuff target's Stats (Skill Power and Debuff Strength increases the higher the target's Stats are than yours))
  • Odin  + (3x Stab attack)
  • Meiling  + (3x Stab attack that breaks Shields (On Shield destruction, greatly reduces target's AGI and increases Skill Power))
  • Galvin  + (3x Stab attack that breaks Shields; also grants +1 AGI (When your AGI is +5, attacks become Water-imbued))
  • Mammon  + (3x Stab attack, 50% chance to Steal +1 ATK/DEF from target (Skill Power increases for every +5 Stat Total you have and attacks become Fire-imbued at +15))
  • Aries  + (3x Stab attack, 50% chance to transfer Status Effect on self to all targets (When you are inflicted with a Status Effect, Skill Power increases))
  • Heltares  + (3x Stab attack, and then executes an additional Non-Elemental attack on targets that has a chance to inflict Blindness. (If target is Blinded, Skill Power increases; On Full House+, Non-Elemental attack becomes AoE and has its Damage increased))
  • Azzurro  + (3x Stab attack, chance to Paralyze and give target -1 ATK/DEF (When target is already Paralyzed, Debuff effect cannot miss))
  • Noel  + (3x Stab attack, chance to inflict Paralysis (When target is Paralyzed, executes an additional strong Fire-elemental attack))
  • Artemis  + (3x Stab attack; If you have any Negative Debuffs, chance to transfer them to the target (Skill Power and Debuff Transfer Chance increases as your Stat Total decreases))
  • Kisshouten  + (3x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Confusion (Skill Power increases the more Buffs you or the target has; If target is Confused, executes additional Strong Fire attack))
  • Brulee  + (3x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Poison (If target is Poisoned, reduces their ATK))
  • Sumire  + (3x Strong Water attack that is guaranteed to hit with chance to inflict Deep Sleep)
  • Nabu  + (3x Strong Water attack with 20% Lifesteal (When you target a single enemy, executes 1x Strong Water attack with increased Skill Power and decreases the the target's DEF by 1))
  • Anubis  + (3x Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Taunt (When target is Red, Skill Power increases; When target is NOT Red, Taunt Chance increases))
  • Rouge  + (3x Strong Wood attack (Guaranteed to hit) that Lifesteals 20% damage inflicted and Heals the Party (When target is NOT Blue, 80% chance to inflict 10% HP Gravity damage))
  • Gerbert  + (3x Strong Wood attack and increases your ATK (Skill Power increases as your ATK increases))
  • Qued  + (3x Strong Wood attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (If the target is Paralyzed, Skill Power increases; If the target is NOT Paralyzed, Paralysis Chance increases))
  • Vhuzompha  + (3x Water-elemental Claw attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (On Full House+, Skill Power and Paralysis Chance increases))
  • Fimbul  + (3x Water-elemental Stab attack, but rare chance to self-inflict Taunt)
  • Ns-L'yi  + (3x Wood-elemental Stab attack with chance to inflict Seal; Lifesteals 20% Damage inflicted (When all 3 Subs are Eldritch, Seal Chance increases))
  • Regulus  + (4x Claw attack (When the hand is made and your HP is >= 80%, executes 5x Claw attack; When your HP is at 100%, executes 6x Claw attack))
  • Gorilla  + (4x Hit attack)
  • Galahad  + (4x Slash attack (Guaranteed to hit) with 50% chance to increase Skill Power (If 3 Knight cards are Subbed on this one, attacks become Wood-imbued))
  • Nikita  + (4x Slash attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (When you or your target is Paralyzed, Skill Power increases and 50% chance to imbue attacks with Fire))
  • Bivouac  + (4x Strong Wood attack with chance to inflict Confusion (When there are 4 Green Cards in the played hand, increases # of attacks executed to 5; When there are 5 Green Cards in the played hand, increases # of attacks executed to 6))
  • Cancer  + (5x Bite attack (When Subbed with 3 Constellation cards, attacks are guaranteed to hit))
  • Sietto  + (5x Stab attack)
  • Merry  + (5x small Heal to random party members, small chance to increase DEF and apply Iron Wall (On Straight+, Iron Wall application is guaranteed))
  • Kay  + (6x Hit attack (chance to miss) and self-apply 1-tick Strong Counter + Damage Reduction Shield (The lower your HP, the greater the Counter Strength and Damage Reduction))
  • Vermouth  + (6x Slash attack with chance to miss; chance to inflict Poison on skill conclusion (On Full House+, Accuracy increases; Attacks guaranteed to hit if target is already Poisoned))
  • Percy  + (6x Stab attack (50% chance to miss), +1 AGI (If you have +5 AGI, then attacks are guaranteed to hit))
  • Duran  + (80% Chance to apply Iron Wall to the Party and grant +1 DEF (When your DEF is +5, grants +1 to all Stats))
  • Gambler  + (Activates Linked Skill 1-6 times (The greater the Hand made, the minimum # of activations increases))
  • Liar  + (Activates Linked Skill 3 times, Skill Power increases the greater the Hand made (On Full House+, increases # of activations to 4))
  • Mercurius  + (Boosts linked card's Skill Power (Skill Power increases the greater the hand made))
  • Ifrina  + (Boosts linked card's skill by X% (Skill Power increases as the Party's Total Stat Value increases))
  • Athena  + (Chance for entire party to gain Iron Wall (chance of success higher as target's HP decreases; when target's HP is below X%, add Heal effect; when below 25% HP, grants two ticks of Iron Wall))
  • Sasuke  + (Chance to Paralyze all targets and reduce their AGI)
  • Emily  + (Chance to apply 2-tick Damage Reduction + Strong Counter Shield to Party; If target's HP is 40% or less, Heals them for an additional 20% HP (As ally target's HP decreases, Shield Chance, Damage Reduction, and Counter Strength increases))
  • Whale  + (Chance to apply 3-tick Damage Reduction Shield to Party (On Straight+, increases the Party's DEF))
  • Kirara  + (Chance to apply Damage Reduction Shield to the Party that has a chance to reduce damage received for 3 turns)
  • Ame no Uzume  + (Chance to reduce all targets' ATK, as well as DEF on Straight+ (If any target has a Shield, remove it and increase debuff success rate))
  • Amnelia  + (Chance to reduce all targets' ATK; also increases the Party's DEF and grants 1-tick Iron Wall to all allies who do NOT have an active Shield (Skill Power increases the lower your HP is))
  • Diamond  + (Chance to remove the Party's Debuffs, clear Status Effects and apply Status Immunity Shields (Shield Chance increases as the target's HP decreases; If your HP falls below 50%, Heals the Party for 30% HP))