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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of values that have the property "Has awoken main skill description(en)" assigned.

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List of results

  • 1-2x AoE Non-Elemental attack with chance to inflict Taunt, self-applies a strong Counter + Damage Reduction Shield for one turn (On Straight+, Damage Reduction increases)  +
  • 1-2x AoE non-elemental attack with a chance to inflict Confusion (on Straight+, chance to increase AGI and apply a 3-tick Damage Reduction Shield to Party)  +
  • 1-3x Fire-elemental Slash attack (guaranteed to hit) and executes an additional Slash attack (1.00x) for every Slash Card in the played hand except your own (Chance to increase extra Slash attack DMG to 1.50x)  +
  • 1-3x Hit attack, executes 1x Non-Elemental attack with chance to Paralyze (On Straight+, Non-Elemental attack hits all targets)  +
  • 1-3x Wood-elemental Stab attack, grant +1 AGI (When your AGI is +3 or more, adds additional Wood-elemental attack)  +
  • 1-5x Hit attack and increases your ATK based on the # of attacks executed (When your ATK is Positive, increases minimum # of attacks to 2; When your ATK is +5, attacks become Fire-imbued)  +
  • 1-5x Slash attacks, Lifesteal 20% of damage done (50% chance to imbue attacks with Water-element)  +
  • 1-5x Stab attack; When you do not have an active Shield effect, self-applies Counter + Damage Reduction Shield with ticks equal to the number of attacks executed (On Full House+, executes 3-5x Stab attack instead)  +
  • 1x AoE Claw attack with 72% chance to inflict Poison; When the target is Poisoned, chance to inflict Strong Poison instead (When you target a single enemy, executes 4x Claw attack instead)  +
  • 1x AoE Hit attack (50% Chance to increase Skill Power)  +
  • 1x AoE Non-Elemental attack with a chance to lower targets' DEF and inflict Seal  +
  • 1x AoE Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Seal (When target is Green, Skill Power increases; When target is NOT Green, Seal Chance increases)  +
  • 1x AoE Wood-elemental Hit attack with chance to self-inflict Confusion and grant +3 ATK (Skill Power increases if you are Confused)  +
  • 1x Bite attack (Skill Power increases as target's HP decreases; Number of attacks executed increases as your HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Bite attack that breaks Shields and is guaranteed to hit, but self-inflicts -1 AGI (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases)  +
  • 1x Fire-Elemental Stab attack that can destroy enemy Shields, increases ATK (Increases ATK for Party on Straight+)  +
  • 1x Fire-elemental Bite attack, significantly increases ATK  +
  • 1x Fire-elemental Claw attack and self-applies Damage Reduction + Counter Shield (Damage Reduction increases as your HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Fire-elemental Slash and Stab attack that ignores Shields; 50% chance to grant +2 ATK or DEF  +
  • 1x Fire-elemental Slash attack that breaks Shields (Guaranteed to hit; On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases)  +
  • 1x Fire-elemental Slash attack, increases your ATK  +
  • 1x High-Damaging Slash attack (Chance to miss; As your HP or target's HP decreases, Accuracy and Skill Power increases)  +
  • 1x Hit attack, Skill Power increases as your Stat Total increases (When target's HP is below 70%, attack cannot miss)  +
  • 1x Hit attack, chance to Confuse (Skill Power increases as HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Holy attack with chance to Seal, chance to deal damage based on percentage of enemy's HP (When target is Undead, Skill Power and Gravity Damage/Chance increases, and chance to inflict -1 DEF)  +
  • 1x Non-Elemental AoE attack, chance to inflict Zombify (If target is Undead, chance to reduce their DEF)  +
  • 1x Non-Elemental AoE attack, chance to inflict Sleep (50% Chance to increase Skill Power and Sleep Chance)  +
  • 1x Slash attack (Skill changes depending on Gehenna's special sub cards)  +
  • 1x Slash attack (when enemy has activated Shield or Counter skill, destroy that skill and increases damage)  +
  • 1x Slash attack with Lifesteal (Skill Power and Lifesteal increases as your HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Slash attack, Skill Power increases for every other Red card in played hand (50% chance for attack to be imbued with Fire element)  +
  • 1x Slash attack; grants +2 ATK (Skill Power increases as your ATK increases; At +3 ATK, attacks become Fire-imbued; Skill Power increases further when you have 100% HP)  +
  • 1x Stab and Slash attack, chance to increase ATK/DEF (When Card is a multiple of 4, attacks become Fire-imbued)  +
  • 1x Stab attack, chance to inflict Seal; When target is Sealed, attack becomes Water-imbued (Executes 1-2 additional Stab attacks)  +
  • 1x Stab attack, clears the Party's Status Effects (Skill Power increases as more allies have Status Effects)  +
  • 1x Stab attack, increases your ATK (Skill Power increases as your ATK increases; On Straight+, +ATK buff increases)  +
  • 1x Strong Fire AoE attack (Skill Power increases at the target's HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Strong Fire attack (guaranteed to hit) with chance to inflict Poison, Paralyze, Petrify, or Blind  +
  • 1x Strong Fire-elemental attack, significantly increases ATK (If target has a Shield effect, destroys it and increases damage)  +
  • 1x Strong Water attack that breaks Shields; also 1x Slash, Bite, and Hit attacks  +
  • 1x Strong Water attack, chance to greatly decrease target's DEF (If target has a Shield effect, destroys it and increases damage.)  +
  • 1x Strong Wood attack and Heals Party's HP (Skill Power and Heal Strength increases the greater the Hand made; Heal Strength increases as the Recovery Target's HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Strong Wood-elemental attack, significantly increases your DEF (If target has a Shield effect, destroys it and increases damage)  +
  • 1x Water-Elemental Bite attack, but reduces your DEF by -2. (On Full House+, executes additional Claw attack)  +
  • 1x Water-elemental Claw attack, applies Counter to self for the turn (Counter strength increases the more Blue cards other than your own are present in the played hand)  +
  • 1x Water-elemental Claw attack, chance to greatly reduce target's DEF  +
  • 1x Wood-Elemental Stab attack, chance to apply Counter + Damage Reduction Shield to the Party (Counter Strength and Damage Reduction increases on Straight+)  +
  • 1x Wood-elemental Bite attack that is guaranteed to hit and breaks Shields (50% Chance to increase Skill Power)  +
  • 1x Wood-elemental Claw attack, chance to reduce target's DEF (Skill Power increases as your HP decreases)  +
  • 1x Wood-elemental Claw attack, plus 1x Slash, Bite, Hit and Stab attacks  +