===To-Do List===
*Add Pictures for various Pages:
*Revamp some old Pages
**Dungeons- Mostly Done**Starter Guide- Added Lots of Stuff (Mostly Done)**Card Management- Need to reupload updated Pics.
*Add New Pages
**Capturing- Getting there.**Sub Cards - Not sure how in-depth to get with this. LOTS of Subs.
===Adding New Types===
Add New Cards:*[[Form:Card|semantic card form]] Need to modify the followingfor adding new Types:
*[[Property:Has type(en)]]
*[[Property:Has type(ja)]]
Need to modify the following for adding new Rarities:
*[[Property:Has max rarity]]
Need to modify the following for adding new Skill Types:
*'''Valentine's Day 11-Roll Gacha'''
**Spend 50 Dragon Stones to do an 11-Roll and get a guaranteed 34 Cost card (out of the 12 Cards featured).
**You'll also earn some valuable prizes when you do roll:
***2x SS Ring (Element depends on the Day)
***Awakening Material Set (Element depends on the Day)
***SS Gacha Ticket (U28)
*'''Guaranteed SS Gacha''' (3/20 - 3/23)
**This New Years-like Gacha allows you to spend 50 Dragon Stones for a guaranteed SS Card or 100 for 3 of them (with at least one guaranteed to be 34+ Cost).
**You can only roll once a day and will get valuable Material Cards when you do roll.
***50 Dragon Stones: Awakening Material Set, GOD Gem Marrone, Goddess Fairy (all of selected Element)
***100 Dragon Stones: Awakening Material Set, GOD Gem Marrones, Goddess Fairies (all Elements)
{{CollabGacha3|Merc Storia Collab Gacha|Runs until 9/28/2015, 13:59 JST|Gerald|Fuu|Harushuto}}
{{CollabGacha3|BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha|Runs until 5/9/2016, 11:59 JST|Leon (BIOHAZARD)|Jill|Chris|Ran (BIOHAZARD)|Umbrella Corps}}
==Old Main Page Info==
Be sure to join the IRC if you have any questions: #dorapo @ irc.synirc.net
If you want to write articles for, or assemble new monster pages, check out the [[Form:Card|semantic card form]] and start filling out information for the monster on a new page. Just let somebody know in the IRC or otherwise when a page has been created/edited so we can provide the monster and card images.
As we are building the wiki, feel free to use the other [[Resource|resources]] currently available as we work on bringing them over. Check the [[User:%E5%B5%90%E9%B7%B2/Porting_Status|roadmap]] to see what still needs to be done.
*'''<span style="color:red">IMPORTANT</span>''': Beginning in v2.4.0, the Passkey system has changed. If you created a Passkey with a previous version of the game (at least during v2.3.3 or before), you'll need to change your Passkey or you will be unable to recover your data should something arise. Check [[Account Recovery]] for more info.
==Sub List==
<!--=====================================COLLAB/SELECTION/ETC TEMPLATES======================================================-->
<!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST|Verdandi|Meiling|Mary|Urd|Artemis|Colt|Skuld|Ame no Uzume|Namahage}}-->
<!--{{HolidayGacha|X'mas MAX Gacha (December 1 - December 31)|Runs until 12/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Cracker Doll|Poddy|Kumaffy|Santa|Priscilla|Merry|Little Match Girl|Devilunlun|Mister Santa|Jumelles (Christmas)|Latio (Christmas)|Dryad (Christmas)|Sherry (Christmas)|Torte (Christmas)|Mahiru (Christmas)|Diana (Christmas)|Medjed (Christmas)}}-->
<!--{{CollabGacha3|Berserk Collab Gacha|Runs until 11/6/2016, 11:59 JST|Guts|Griffith|Skull Knight|Casca|Farnese}} -->
<!--{{HolidayGacha|Halloween MAX Gacha (October 1 - October 31)|Runs until 10/31/2017, 23:59 JST|Bruto|Mami|Wuru|Crowne|Werewolf|Franken|Nana (Halloween)|Leviathan (Halloween)|Belphegor (Halloween)|Little Red Riding Hood (Halloween)|Gambler (Halloween)|Vermouth (Halloween)|Okuni (Halloween)}}-->
<!--{{CardSelection|All Users - Runs until August 31, 23:59 JST|Antares|Oboro-guruma|Gawain|Pisces|Yuki-onna|Kay|Capricorn|Namahage|Tristan|Pisces|Cancer|Antares}}-->
<!--{{AwkMaxGacha|November 10 - November 13|{{ShowCardImage|Nana}} {{ShowCardImage|Heltares}} }} [[file:Debuff.png]]-->
<!--{{CollabGacha3|BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha|Runs until 8/28/2017|Elizabeth & Hawk|Ban|Meliodas|Gilthunder|Diane|King|Gowther|Merlin)}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Sweets Land|January 30 - February 13|Buff|Heal|Bite}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Genies Awakening|February 6 - February 20|Awakening CrystalR3card|Awakening CrystalB3card|Awakening CrystalG3card}}-->
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