*You cannot get any Special Collab, Holiday, or Event Cards from an SS Ticket. Just whatever is available normally in the Rare Gacha (including Limited cards that are present in the Rare Gachas for their duration).
*The chances of getting an SS Card from from an R or S Gacha Ticket is about the same as rolling the Rare Gacha itself; just consider yourself lucky!
===Special Gachas==
Occasionally special Gachas will be featured that have greatly increased chances of getting an SS Card or guaranteeing one. One such variation is the "11-Roll Gacha" where you can spend 50 Dragon Stones for 11 Rolls with a guaranteed 34-Cost card to come out (along with the usual rates of getting a S/SS card) as well Material Card rewards. Keep an eye for such Special Gachas to see if they're worth your time!
===New Year's Lucky Bag===
A special event that usually happens on during New Years, the New Year's Lucky Bag allows you to spend lots of stones to get guaranteed SS cards (in addition to a bunch of other goodies including lots of valuable Material Cards and extra Deck Space). <br>
Typically, it's 50 Stones for 1 card of a selected element and 100 Stones for 3 cards of any random element. Many players will often stock up on Stones towards the end of the year for this.
While trying to actively go for them can be expensive, they can add some serious power to your deck. Just consider yourself lucky (or a whale) if you manage to nab one. <br>
But if you do decide to go after them, it's usually best to wait for a MAX Gacha featuring their specified Skill or Race as they'll have a slightly better chance of appearing.
====35 Cost====
Additionally, many sub 30 Cost cards are quite harder to find now due to the increasing number of Cards in the Rare Gacha. <br>
The Normal Gacha has a higher chance of churning out these cards and you can still nab them from R and S Gacha Tickets as well as through MAX Gachas.
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