|Base Rarity=SS+
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=Girl, Outlaw|Types(ja)=女の子, アウトロー
|Main Skill Description(ja)=敵に斬属性のダメージを4回与え、確率で麻痺状態にする(対象が麻痺の時、与ダメージが増加する)
|Sub Skill(en)=Assassin's Trap
|Sub Skill Description(en)=When main card's Attack skill activates, chance to give inflict -1 AGI to target
|Sub Skill(ja)=アサシントラップ
|Sub Skill Description(ja)=親分の攻撃スキル発動時、確率で対象の素早さを減少させる
|Awoken Main Skill(ja)=ブラッドパラライズ
|Awoken Main Skill Description(ja)=敵に斬属性ダメージを4回与え、確率で麻痺状態にする(対象が麻痺もしくは自分が麻痺の時、スキル威力が上昇し、確率(50%)で炎の力を帯びる)
|Awoken Sub Skill(en)=De-Death Trap
|Awoken Sub Skill Description(en)=When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost and 50% chance to inflict -1 AGI (For every -1 AGI the target has, grants +1% Skill Boost)
|Awoken Sub Skill(ja)=デストラップ
|Awoken Skill(ja)=アサシネイション
|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=役に絡んだ自分以外の斬スキルカードのスキル威力15%up
!|DMG (Paralyze)||0.75×||0.80×||0.85×||0.92×||1.00×||1.10×||1.20×
!|PARALYZE|Paralysis Chance|25%||27%||29%||31%||34%||38%||42%
!|DMG (Paralyze)||1.20×
!|PARALYZE|Paralysis Chance|43%
*When you or your target is Paralyzed, 50% chance to imbue each attack with Fire. (Elem Mod is 1.75x)
==Sub Skill==
Essentially, a 50% chance to debuff the enemy's agility by one step. Given the low chance to inflict the debuff and the low amount of debuff, it is not a very good sub skill unless you have no better cards and wish to slap on a solid sl7 sub instead of a random R. Regardless, it is a passable stinger in PVE as debuffing agility will allow you to occasionally dodge attacks, and have cards with iffy hit rates hit more often- though having a strong debuffer like '''[[Norn]]''' do the job instead is a better idea.
Awakening improves greatly on Nikita's Sub by making her an unconditional 30% Skill Boost to any Attack Card with a 50% chance to inflict -1 AGI. But for every -1 AGI the target has, Nikita grants an extra +1% Skill Boost, allowing her to get up to 35% at -5 AGI. This makes her a much better Sub than before and being able to use her on any Attack Card is quite handy.
==Awakening Skill==
Quite the useful Awakening Skill, Nikita allows any Slash card in the played hand other than your own to get an extra 15% Skill Boost! This can be very useful against foes that are weak against Slash attacks, as it allows your allies to deal more damage with their Slash cards.
==Recommended Subcards==
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