Additionally, each Dungeon will have Treasure. However, it is not guaranteed to drop when you complete the Dungeon.<br>
The Treasure Objectives for Normal Dungeons typically require you get Treasure from 3 different Dungeons (this can be checked in-game to find out what you need). <br>
It's highly recommended to at least complete a majority of the Treasure Objectives for the lower tiers, as they reward useful stuff including SP Skills , extra Deck Cost, and Dragon Stones.
Currently, Normal Dungeons go all the way up to ★40.
Old exp table - [ Normals (missing 23*+)]
===Additional Notes===
*If you clear a specific Normal Dungeon a number of times (typically every 10 clears), you can get additional rewards in your Gift Box.
*All enemies that appear CAN be Cardified; even the Bosses! However, the Bosses will be a bit more difficult to capture. Especially so once you progress past ★20.
*Once you've gotten to the higher-tier Dungeons (★30+), they can be a great source of Rank-EXP! Many prefer ★37 with the [[Gang Sheep]] Boss, as it's relatively easy to clear quickly.
*The ★40 Normal Dungeon Bosses are VERY difficult compared to the previous tiers (about on par with doing a 114/132 STP Special Dungeon Boss); they can hit incredibly hard and easily wipe out the unprepared.
==Special Dungeons==
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