**astVer - update to '4101', you seldom need to change this, it seems to be some kind of asset version control variable that the client is supposed to report. If the astVer on your client is much smaller than the one on the server, it won't give you the asset list. Try increasing this value by 100 or so and rerunning the program if you run into problems that updating CONST_APPVER didn't fix.
**URL - change to 'http:/'. The IP address for their CDN is hardcoded into the app and rarely changes (this is the third time I've seen it change in three years). You can always find this by packet sniffing the dorapo client and searching for GET packets with /AssetBundles/ in the URL.
**You can test this URL to see if it works for you:
Let me know if there are any more issues, contact me on IRC for a more prompt response --yerga April 22
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