Added in the 2.1.4 update, Awakening Evolution allows certain cards to be upgraded even further, increasing their base stats and adding special Awakening Skills.
In order to use Awakening EvolutionAwaken a Card, the following are requiredconditions must be met:
*The card must be capable of Awakening Evolution.
*The card must be at Max Level and Max Skill Level.
*You must have the required Evolution materialsMaterials, which include a DRA Ring, and two new materials, an "Awakening Crystal" and a "The Book of Awakening"*The card's new Cost cannot run over your Total Deck Cost limit. (If you have the above conditions fulfilled, but the Card still can't Awaken, check your various Decks; especially your Duel Match Decks.)
Of course, there are a few quirks with how Awakening works.
*After achieving Awakening Evolution, the card will return to Level 1, but retain its previous Skill Level. The card's maximum stats also increase by ~20% from before.
*The newly upgraded card will obtain an Awakening Skill. This skill is Awakening Skills are Passive Skills that are only active if the card is used as a Main Card.
*Some cards will have their Main Skill and/or Sub Skill changed as well as their Cost and Orb Slots increased.
*Card rarity is unchanged (e.g. If a card was GOD before, it remains GOD-rarity after Awakening.)
*Some DRA cards may require a GOD Ring instead of an SS Ring.
*Some cards may require completely different materials than listed above (eg. Yuu & Sietto)
As noted above, there are two new material types needed for Awakening Evolution. These are "Awakening Crystals" and "Book of Awakening" and they come in Red, Blue, and Green varieties.
Currently, the only The most common way to obtain these materials is to run the special Challenge Dungeons, where they have a chance to drop when you clear the Dungeon (higher difficulties offer a better chance for a drop).<br>The Awakening Materials may also sometimes be obtained through Special Campaigns or Gachas.
Something to keep in mind is that there is a Special Mission for getting a Card into an "Awakening State" for the first time. (eg. the Card is at Max Lv and Max Skill Lv and can be Awakened.) <br>The first Card you get into this State will trigger the Mission's Completion and you can claim an Awakening Material Package as a Reward, giving you all the materials you need to Awaken your first Card.  With recent updates to the Challenge Dungeons, you can now earn Points when you beat them. <br>These can then be used to buy specific Awakening Materials from the respective Challenge Dungeon page. <br>Your Point Total carries across to all Challenge Dungeons, so feel free to stock up. {| class="wikitable"| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Difficulty'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Points Earned'''|-| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Demon'''<br>鬼級 (24★)||50P|-| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon'''<br>竜級 (28★)||100P|-| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''God'''<br>神級 (32★)||150P|-| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon King'''<br>竜王級 (38★)||200P|-|}{| class="wikitable"| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Material'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Cost'''|-!|Book of Awakening|1500P|-!|Awakening Crystal|3000P|-|} The Book of Awakening" can be obtained from any Challenge Dungeon, while the Awakening Crystals are specific to certain Challenge Dungeons. <br>However, it is worth noting that there are rarely special Challenge Dungeons that will drop ALL of the Awakening Materials.
{| class="wikitable"
|[[File:Awakening BookRcard.png|50px]][[File:Awakening BookBcard.png|50px]][[File:Awakening BookGcard.png|50px]]||'''Book of Awakening''' <br> 覚醒の書|| All
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]||'''Champion's Crystal''' <br> 覇者の水晶|| Zeus Awakening <br> Odin Awakening <br> Amaterasu Awakening <br> Ultra Beasts Awakening <br> Genies Awakening <br> Grim Reaper Awakening
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]||'''Dragon God's Jewel''' <br> 竜神の宝玉 || The Three Dragons' Counterattack <br> Twin Stars Awakening <br> Awakening of the Three Domains <br> Black Witch Awakening <br> Dragon Burst Awakening
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]||'''Mysterious Blood Crystal''' <br> 神秘の血晶 || Roar of Awakening <br> Blade of Fierce Awakening <br> Little Demon Awakening <br> Three Ninja Awakening <br> Pirate King Awakening <br> Sacred Fist Awakening <br> Monarch Awakening <br> Pharaoh Awakening
==Awakened Card List==
This is a listing of all cards that are currently able to undergo Awakening, as well as their the corresponding dungeons Challenge Dungeons where you can obtain the specific Awakening Crystal.
{| class="wikitable"
|2/17/17 || [[Vulcan]], [[Tristan]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]
|3/17/17 || [[Vesty]], [[Lise]], [[Snow White]] || [[???Black Witch Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|4/14/17 || [[Ifrina]], [[Tengu]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]]|-|5/19/17 || [[Masked Buffalo]], [[Mermaid]], [[Monica]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|6/23/17 || [[Sinbad]], [[Nadja]], [[Aladdin]], [[Brulee]], [[Nabu]], [[Gerbert]] || [[Genies Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|7/21/17 || [[Mandrill]], [[Undine]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|8/18/17 || [[Nikita]], [[Safi]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]]|-|9/15/17 || [[Gehenna]], [[Johann]], [[Clare]], [[Pigeon]] || [[Grim Reaper Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|11/10/17 || [[Nana]], [[Heltares]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]]|-|12/15/17 || [[Gambler]], [[Liar]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|2/2/18 || [[Zaroichi]], [[Leviathan]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|2/9/18 || [[Kisshouten]], [[Kay]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|2/16/18 || [[Ham Han]], [[Meiling]], [[Chen Xiong]] || [[Sacred Fist Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|2/23/18 || [[Mammon]], [[Uranus]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|3/15/18 || [[Asmodeus]], [[Beelzebub]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|4/13/18 || [[Satan]], [[Lucifer]], [[Belphegor]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|5/25/18 || [[Gawain]], [[Galahad]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|6/14/18 || [[Batista]], [[Diamond]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|7/13/18 || [[Ataxia]], [[Fimbul]], [[Raduga]]|| [[Dragon Burst Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|8/10/18 || [[Artemis]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|9/7/18 || [[Rouge]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|10/19/18 || [[Duran]], [[Jane]]|| [[Monarch Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|11/16/18 || [[Melissa]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|11/30/18 || [[Pharaoh]], [[Isis]]|| [[Pharaoh Awakening]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|12/7/18 || [[Horus]], [[Anubis]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]]|-|12/14/18 || [[Phoenix]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]]|-|1/18/19 || [[Lumiere]], [[Eliel]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|2/11/19 || [[King Arthur]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]]|-|3/8/19 || [[Ariel]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|3/29/19 || [[Eirene]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|4/25/19 || [[Hestia]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]]|-|5/24/19 || [[Bivouac]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|6/3/19 || [[Galvin]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|7/12/19 || [[Zashiki]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|8/9/19 || [[Sfatlicllp]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|9/19/19 || [[Ns-L'yi]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|10/18/19 || [[Lao Hu]], [[Lee Long]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|10/25/19 || [[Ran]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|11/22/19 || [[Vhuzompha]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|12/13/19 || [[Konohana No Sakuya]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|1/10/20 || [[Aries]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]]|-|2/7/20 || [[Blackbeard]], [[Amnelia]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]|-|3/13/20 || [[Taurus]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]]|-|3/27/20 || [[Qued]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|4/10/20 || [[Namahage]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]|-|5/22/20 || [[Four]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]]|-|6/12/20 || [[Gemini]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|7/24/20 || [[Demeter]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]|-|8/28/20 || [[Regulus]], [[Spica]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|8/31/20 || [[Cancer]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]]|-|9/11/20 || [[Zhar]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]|-|10/30/20 || [[Colt]] || N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]]
==Second Awakening==
Added in the 2.5.8 update, certain Cards can now be "further Awakened" allowing them to be upgraded even further, increasing their base stats and enhancing their Skills. <br> Essentially, this acts as a "Second Awakening" or a "Super Awakening" (referred to as S.Awakening on Card Pages).
In order for a Card to Awaken even further, the following conditions must be met:
*The card must be capable of further Awakening. (Thus, they must already be Awakened.)
*The card must be at Max Level.
*You must have the required Evolution Materials. These are the same Materials used to Awaken them in the first place.
*The card's new Cost cannot run over your Total Deck Cost limit. (If you have the above conditions fulfilled, but the Card still can't Awaken, check your various Decks; especially your Duel Match Decks.)
Of course, there are a few quirks with how further Awakening works.
*After achieving further Awakening, the card will remain at Level 120 and retain its previous Skill Level.
*The card's maximum stats also increase by ~10% from before.
*Some cards will have their Skills changed as well as their Cost and Orb Slots increased.
*Card rarity is unchanged (e.g. If a card was GOD before, it remains GOD-rarity after Awakening.)
===Card List===
{| class="wikitable"
!Date||Cards||Awakening Crystals
|6/3/19|| [[Phoenix]], [[Susanoo]], [[Rivol]] || [[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]]
Below you can see how [[Lapis Lazuli]] has changed after awakening<br>
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