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!Material||Name|| Challenge Dungeon Found
|[[File:Awakening BookRcard.png|50px]][[File:Awakening BookBcard.png|50px]][[File:Awakening BookGcard.png|50px]]||'''Book of Awakening''' <br> 覚醒の書|| All
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]||'''Champion's Crystal''' <br> 覇者の水晶|| Zeus Awakening <br> Odin Awakening <br> Amaterasu Awakening <br> Ultra Beasts Awakening <br>
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB2card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG2card.png|50px]]||'''Dragon God's Jewel''' <br> 竜神の宝玉|| The Three Dragons' Counterattack <br> Twin Stars Awakening <br> Awakening of the Three Domains <br>
|[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]||'''Mysterious Blood Crystal''' <br> 神秘の血晶|| Roar of Awakening <br> Blade of Fierce Awakening <br> Little Demon Awakening <br> Three Ninja Awakening <br> Pirate King Awakening <br>
==Awakened Card List==
This is a listing of all cards that are currently able to undergo Awakening, as well as their corresponding dungeons where you can obtain the specific Awakening Crystal.
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Awakening System

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