|Type=Collab Event, Accumulated Score
|History=4/25/2016 - 5/9/2016 <br> 10/24/2016 - 11/7/2016
|Boss=[[File:Tyrant T-103card.png|100px|link=Tyrant T-103]][[File:William Birkincard.png|100px|link=William Birkin]][[File:Weskercard.png|100px|link=Wesker]]|Medalcards=[[File:Lickercard.png|100px|link=Licker]][[File:Cerberuscard.png|100px|link=Cerberus]][[File:Zombie Copcard.png|100px|link=Zombie Cop]][[File:Modified Zombiecard.png|100px|link=Modified Zombie]]
|Feeders=Handgun Bullets
BIOHAZARD x Dragon Poker returns!!!
First two waves consist of associated Event Cards. <br>'''G 3rd Form''' may appear on the 2nd Wave. Defeat it to gain additional points!
The boss, [[File:Fire.png|25px]] '''[[Tyrant T-103|S.Tyrant Enhanced Version]]''', is weak to [[File:Water.png|25px]] and [[File:Hit.png|25px]].
*A Virus Gauge has been added to the left of the screen. When you get hit by certain enemy attacks, the gauge will increase. Once it hits Lv1, you become infected by the T-Virus. By using Vaccines or Status Immunity Shields, you can reduce the gauge. But if your Virus Level gets too high, it'll start to apply negative effects such as Increased Damage, broken Shouts, Reduced Healing, and hiding your HP Condition. The Virus Gauge maxes out at Lv3.
*Adding to the above, you start out with 10 Vaccines and can purchase more with Points. One Vaccine costs 10,000 Points each. You can apply the Vaccines to yourself and your Friends to keep everyone healthy.(For the 2nd Run, you don't start out with Vaccines; you must buy them with Points to cure yourself and/or others.)
==Strategy (1st Run)==
|[[File:Wood.png|25px]][[File:S.png|25px]] [[Zombie Cop]] (1st Run)|| 10,000
|[[File:Wood.png|25px]][[File:S.png|25px]] [[Upgraded Modified Zombie]] (2nd Run)|| 10,000
===Collab Gacha Cards===
The following cards can be obtained through rolling the BIOHAZARD Collab Gacha:
*[[File:Fire.png|25px]][[File:SS+.png|25px]] [[Leon (BIOHAZARD)]]
*[[File:Water.png|25px]][[File:SS+.png|25px]] [[Jill]]
| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon King'''<br>竜王級 (132 STP)||45000|| 3x Goddess Fairies (Water)
| style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''True Dragon King'''<br>真・竜王級 (150 STP)||60000|| ???
*Defeating '''Wesker''' gives 1.5x Points for the Difficulty you defeat him on.
*Defeating '''G 3rd Form''' gives 50% of the Points you'd earn for the Difficulty you're running.
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