*After achieving Awakening Evolution, the card will return to Level 1, but retain its previous Skill Level. The card's maximum stats also increase from before.
*The newly upgraded card will obtain an Awakening Skill. This skill is only active if the card is used as a Main Card.
*Some cards will have their Main Skill and/or Sub Skill changed as well as their Cost and Orb Slots increased.
*Card rarity is unchanged (e.g. If a card was GOD before, it remains GOD-rarity after Awakening.)
*DRA cards upgraded through Awakening Evolution have their Max Level increased to 120 and their Max Skill Level increased to 7.
==Awakening Evolution Materials==
===Required Materials===
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 ==Awakening Evolution Materials==*Some DRA cards may require a GOD Ring instead of an SS Ring.As noted above, there are two new material types needed for Awakening Evolution. These are "Awakening CrystalCrystals" and "The Book of Awakening" and they come in Red, Blue, and Green.
Currently, the only way to obtain these materials is to run the special Challenge Dungeon, where they have a chance to drop (higher difficulties offer a better chance for a drop).
|6/27/16|| [[Chelsea]], [[Pinoko]]|| N/A ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB1card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG1card.png|50px]]
|7/25/16 || [[Mary]], [[Klaus]]. [[Xebec]] || [[Pirate King Awakening ]] ||[[File:Awakening CrystalR3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalB3card.png|50px]][[File:Awakening CrystalG3card.png|50px]]
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Awakening System

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