|Base Rarity=SS+
|Max Rarity=GOD
|Types(en)=Girl, Outlaw|Types(ja)=女の子, アウトロー
|Orb Socket=1
|Main Skill(en)=Shot Breaker
|Main Skill Description(en)=3x Hit attack, chance to Petrify (when target is already Petrified, remove target's Status but increase attack's damage)
|Awoken Level=120
|Awoken HP=2663
|Awoken ATK=1724
|Awoken DEF=1622
|Awoken Cost=32
|Awoken Orb Socket=3
|Awoken Sub Skill Description(ja)=親分の攻撃スキル発動時、必中の打属性ダメージを追加で与える(自分のHPが高い程威力増加)
|Awoken Skill(en)=Bon Voyage
|Awoken Skill Description(en)=Grants 15% Skill Boost when there's a to all Hit card cards in the played hand other than your own in the played hand
|Awoken Skill(ja)=ボン・ヴォヤージュ
|Awoken Skill Description(ja)=役に絡んだ自分以外の打スキルカードのスキル威力15%UP
|PETRIFYPetrify Chance||30%||32%||34%||38%||43%||48%||55%
|DMG (Petrify)||1.5x||1.6x||1.7x||1.84x||2.0x||2.2x||2.4x
Mary should be played as a typical 3-hit regardless of her boosted damage state, her attack will let her deal damage just fine. Theres no need to wait for a petrify or attempt to get the 2x bonus, it will happen mid-volley with all likelihood and is honestly simply a bonus to her skill. Being the only Red Strike attacker (bar '''[[Charlotte]]''') that does real damage, she will always be in your team during strike weeks.
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|DMG (Petrify)||2.40x
|Petrify Chance||75%
|DEF Debuff Chance||85%
|DEF Debuff||3.00
Mary remains mostly the same as before, but her Skill changes a little bit. She still does additional damage to Petrified targets, but instead of breaking the Petrification like before, it can now also greatly reduce a target's DEF, making her very potent if you can Petrify a foe. On top of that, Mary also gets a nice Stat Boost and can reach almost 1900 Attack with her 3 Orb Slots. Needless to say, she gets quite a boost in power compared to before.
==Sub Skill==
Numbers for it will be added later.
==Awakening Skill==
Quite the useful Awakening Skill, Mary allows any Hit card in the played hand other than your own to get an extra 15% Skill Boost! This can be very useful against foes that are weak against Hit attacks, as it allows your allies to deal more damage with their Hit cards.
==Recommended Subcards==
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