*Level cap increased to 325, free SS campaign for Colosseum's two year anniversary, SS tickets no longer restricted to cards with 28 cost and below.
*[[Club Bad Girls]] has been replaced with [[Club Bad Girls#X.27mas_Town| X'mas Town]] for every weekend in December! Collect special Christmas-themed cards and Santa Fairies!
*Celebrate New Year's with the [[Dorapo Dragon Poker Song Festival]] Event Dungeon! But it's only around until January 1st, so get your rewards while it lasts!*New Year's login campaign on the first five days of the new year. Be sure to login everyday to get [[Four (Kimono)]]!
== New/Relevant Cards ==
{{ShowCardImage|Four (Kimono)}}{{ShowCardImage|Dragon Youth Corps}}{{ShowCardImage|Rambunctious Dragon Girls}}
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