From ★20 onwards, there are only 3 Dungeons per tier, but the difficulty increases significantly with R-rarity cards appearing as regular enemies and S-rarity cards showing up as bosses.
Currently, Normal Dungeons go all the way up to ★37★40.
=== EXP Tables ===
Healing Pixie - Various weekday dungeons (2*), Club Bad Girls
Skill-Up Fairies - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Fairy & Girls, Super PAL, Training (Common Reward)
EXP Marrons - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Gem & Girls, Super PAL, Training (Common Reward)
Hilda, Lins, Muse (S-rank knight girls) - Club Bad Girls
“Gold” S Evo Rings - 4* super weekday dungeon Ring Dungeon (one), 8* S.Weekday Ring Dungeon (two), 12* S.W. Ring Dungeon (one), Training (Uncommon Reward)
God SS Rings aka “Rainbow Ring” - 12* Ring Dungeon (one), 16* Ring Dungeon (two), Training (Uncommon Reward)
Dragon God Rings aka “GOD Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon Medals), Training (Rare Reward)
Overlord’s Ring aka “DRA Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon + 10 Black Medals)- funny how these nicknames ended about huh, Training (Rare Reward)
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