All about f***ing dungeons==Normal Dungeons==For new players, Normal Dungeons are the place to be. <br>Completing them are required for unlocking higher difficulty Special Dungeons, but are also quite helpful in getting additional Deck Cost, SP Skills, and some Rank-EXP.
==Normal Dungeons==There are 3 stages waves in every dungeon including special dungeonsSpecial Dungeons. In the beginning The first two stages spawn 2~3 minions Enemies each. <br>The final stage spawns the boss Boss which may contain additional minions in few of these normal dungeonssome cases.
For normal dungeonsNormal Dungeons, you unlock the next tier of dungeons by clearing the highest available tier you have open.<br>
For example, to open up ★2 Dungeons, you have to clear all the ★1 Dungeons first. <br>
In addition, unlocking a tier will award you with +10 Deck Cost (which is sent to your mail). <br>
Until ★20, there are 6 Dungeons per tier, with 2 per element. <br>From ★20 onwards, there are only 3 Dungeons per tier, but the difficulty increases significantly with R-rarity cards appearing as regular enemies and S-rarity cards showing up as Bosses.  Additionally, each Dungeon will have Treasure. It is guaranteed to drop when you complete the Dungeon.<br>The Treasure Objectives for Normal Dungeons typically require you get Treasure from 3 different Dungeons (this can be checked in-game to find out what you need). <br>The Treasure Objectives reward useful stuff including SP Skills, extra Deck Cost, and Dragon Stones, so don't forget to claim them! Currently, Normal Dungeons go all the way up to ★31★40. ===Weekday Dungeons===From ★2 up to ★20, there are special Weekday Dungeons that appear throughout the weekdays. <br>These contain some cards that may appear in few other places as well as a chance for Rings, Gem Marrones, and/or Skill Fairies to appear. <br>The dungeons that show up rotate throughout the week, with the element of the dungeon changing everyday. <br> In recent days, these Dungeons are a bit outdated as they don't really offer much of anything that couldn't be found elsewhere. There's not really any reason to do them. <br>The Cards that were somewhat unique to them can be found in the Normal or Rare Gacha, and of course you can find Rings, Gem Marrones, and/or Skill Fairies in other Dungeons. <br>(The only plus side is that you can find higher rarity Rings up to SS without wasting a lot of STP, but you also don't have the 3x Cardify Rate from Ring Dungeons.)<br> ===Additional Notes===*If you clear a specific Normal Dungeon a number of times (typically every 10 clears), you can get additional rewards in your Gift Box.*All enemies that appear CAN be Cardified; even the Bosses! However, the Bosses will be a bit more difficult to capture. Especially so once you progress past ★20.*Normal Dungeons from ★30 onwards may rarely drop [[Orb System|Orbs]] when you complete them.*The ★40 Normal Dungeon Bosses are VERY difficult compared to the previous tiers (about on par with doing a 114/132 STP Special Dungeon Boss); they can hit incredibly hard and easily wipe out the unprepared! ==Special Dungeons==Special Dungeons are special dungeons that are different than the Normal Dungeons.They include Event Dungeons, Challenge Dungeons, and other Events that may be going on. ===Special Event Dungeons===Typically, there will be a special Event Dungeon going on for usually 2 weeks at a time.  You can unlock higher difficulty dungeons for Special Event Dungeons by unlocking the appropriate Normal Dungeon tier.
=== EXP Tables ===
{| class="wikitable"
| Star align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Special Dungeon <br>Difficulty'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Stamina'''Required Normal <br> Dungeon Tier Cleared'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Minion EXP*||Boss EXP||Total EXP*||Exp/Stamina*'''Actual Difficulty'''
| ★1style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Elementary''' <br>初級 (24 STP)|9|N/A|1||11||17||1.9Easy
| ★2style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Advanced''' <br>上級 (60 STP)|12|N/A|2||28||40||3.3Easy
| ★3style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Demon'''<br>鬼級 (72 STP)|15||4||40||64★3 ||4.3Medium
| ★4style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon'''<br>竜級 (96 STP)|18|★5 |6||62||98||5.4Medium/Hard
| ★5style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''God'''<br>神級 (114 STP)|21|★10 |11||87||153||7.3Hard
| ★6style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon King'''<br>竜王級 (132 STP)|24|★12 |16||120||216||9.0Hard/Very Hard
| ★7style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''True Dragon King'''<br>真・竜王級 (150 STP)|27|★14 |24||174||318||11.8Very Hard
| ★8style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Super Dragon Emperor'''<br>超竜皇級 (168 STP)|30|★28|35||238||448||14.9Very Hard/Extreme
| ★9||33} However, keep in mind the difficulty for Special Event Dungeons is nowhere relative to the difficulty of Normal Dungeons. <br>(Typically for the Event Dungeons, they are significantly harder compared to the Normal Dungeon Difficulty required to unlock them. Particularly for God difficulty onwards.) *For the majority of Event Dungeons, when you clear a Dungeon, you'll earn Points. The higher the difficulty you clear, the more Points you'll earn (as well as more EXP & Gold when defeating enemies). These can be typically used to get special Event Cards and roll for Fodder Material that can be used to power up your Cards.*The Max Amount of Points you can have at any one time is 99,999,999. You typically have until the following week after the Event ends to spend your Points. Otherwise, any leftover Points after that period will disappear. *Many Event Dungeons also have Special Cards that may drop at the end of the Dungeon (typically Sub Cards). Typically, the higher the difficulty you clear, the greater the chance for these Cards to drop.*Not every Event Dungeon is the same; some are much easier to deal with than others often due to Boss Mechanics or overall difficulty.*Like Normal Dungeons, Event Dungeons also have Treasure Rewards. However, they are not guaranteed to drop when you clear the Dungeon. (TDK & SDE Treasures are a near-guaranteed drop however.) However, if you have truly bad luck, the Treasure is guaranteed to drop after clearing a Difficulty 10 times.*The first two difficulties are relatively Easy to beat. You shouldn't have much trouble beating them at all whatsoever.*From Demon difficulty, it gets a bit harder as the enemies start to gain more Attack and HP. You'll need to start having a well-rounded Deck.*There's a significant gap between Dragon and God difficulty. The Bosses are significantly harder from God difficulty onwards, and you'll need a fully-powered up Deck to stand up to them! (You want at minimum around 60-65k HP with sufficient Damage Reduction as well as Cards that can appropriately counter the Dungeon.) *True Dragon King & Super Dragon Emperor are currently the hardest Difficulties. They typically offer beefed-up Bosses often with altered mechanics. Sometimes, you'll have to face several Bosses in a row (or together)! These often require specific Cards and Decks to counter the gimmicks you'll encounter.*With recent updates, Intermediate and Thunder difficulties have been removed from current Event Dungeons. (They were just added bloat.) [[:Category:Dungeons|List of Special Dungeons]] ===Ring Dungeons===Ring Dungeons are special Dungeons for farming Rings needed for evolving your cards. <br>There are 4 Different Dungeons (★4, ★8, ★12, and ★16). Each Dungeon has an increased 3x Cardify Rate for capturing Rings.<br>Apart from having R Rings appear on the first two waves, each Ring Dungeon has guaranteed spawns of certain Rings at the 3rd wave.<br> {|50class="wikitable"|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|319'''Dungeon'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|619'''STP'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|18.8'''Ring Spawn (3rd Wave)'''
| ★10★4||3648||67||413||815||22.61 R Ring & 1 S Ring
| ★11★8||3978||87||540||1062||27.2S Rings
| ★12||42114||107||744||1386||33.01 S Ring & 1 SS Ring
| ★13★16||45138||130||990||1770||39.32 SS Rings
| ★14}However, like the Super Weekday Dungeons, the Element of the Dungeons rotates every day, with all Elements open on the Weekend (Saturday or Sunday depending on your Time Zone). Keep in mind the higher Ring Dungeons are very Stamina-intensive, so it may be smarter to invade on a friend to conserve Stamina. ===Challenge Dungeons===[[:Category:Dungeons#Challenge_Dungeons|Challenge Dungeons]] are difficult fights against powerful opponents. Defeat them to obtain rare materials for Awakening! <br>Unlike other Dungeons, Challenge Dungeons require a minimum Deck Power to enter.  {|48class="wikitable"|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|160'''Challenge Dungeon <br>Difficulty'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|1296'''Minimum DP <br> Required'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|2256'''Required Normal <br> Dungeon Tier Cleared'''|align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|47.0'''Points Earned'''
| ★15style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Demon'''<br>鬼級 |51|80000|196|★13 |1638||2814||55.250P
| ★16style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon'''<br>竜級 |54|100000|240||2016||3456★16 ||64.0100P
| ★17style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''God'''<br>神級 |57|120000|292|★30 |2430||4182||73.4150P
| ★18style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Dragon King'''<br>竜王級 |60|130000|353|★34 |2880||4998||83.3200P
| ★19style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Super Dragon Emperor'''<br>超竜皇級 |63|140000 |424|★38|3366||5910||93.8None
| ★20||66||500||3888||6888||104.4
| ★21||69||590||4446||7986||115.7
| ★22||72||690||5040||9180||127.5
| ★23||75||722||5442||9774||130.3
| ★24||78||742||6012||10464||134.2
| ★25||81||758||6582||11130||137.4
| ★26||84||782||7236||11928||142.0
| ★27||87||798||7722||12510||143.8
| ★28||90||814||8292||13176||146.4
| ★31r||99||862||9982||15154||153
*SDE Difficulty is only available for certain Challenge Dungeons. It does not give Points or other Rewards for clearing it. You only get Orbs upon a successful clear.
Challenge Dungeons have the following restrictions:*-Total experience gained from a dungeon run may vary depending on which minions spawn on each stageEach entry costs 1/6th of your max Stamina (rounded down).*SP Boost is not allowed. (If active, it is disabled upon entering the Dungeon.)*There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the Boss immediately!*Similar to the [[Tower Dungeon]], you can join or create Rooms before you go into the Dungeon. This can be useful to try and recruit help.
Old exp table - [httpUpon defeating the Boss, you may receive one of several rewards:// Normals *Book of Awakening (missing 23Awakening Material)*+Awakening Crystal (Awakening Material - Varies by Dungeon)]*SS Gem Marrone*SS Queen Skill Fairy*10 Dragon Medals*3 Black MedalsYou also have a chance for an Orb to drop. Additionally, special Limited Orbs may rarely drop that are unique to specific Challenge Dungeons.
==Special Dungeons==The higher the difficulty you challenge, the better the rewards you can get!
Special Dungeons are special dungeons You can also earn Points when you clear the Dungeon. The higher the difficulty you clear, the more Points you get. <br>These can be used to buy specific Awakening Materials; helpful if you can't get that are different than one Material to drop. <br>You can also use an SDP Boost to double the Normal Dungeonsamount of Points you get for clearing a Dungeon.{| class="wikitable"| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Material'''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Cost'''|-!|Book of Awakening|1500P|-!|Awakening Crystal|3000P|-|}
Typically, there will be a special Event Dungeon going on for usually 2-3 weeks at a time, and also recurring dungeons such as ===Club Bad Girls & Star Romance===[[Club Bad Girls]] and [[Star Romance]] are recurring Special Dungeons that pop up on the weekends, offering chances at Gem Marrones and Skill Fairies that give EXP and Skill Ups! <br>Special SS Cards may also appear that can be Captured! Check the Links for more detailed information.
You can unlock higher ===Tower Dungeon===The [[Tower Dungeon]] is a high-difficulty dungeons for Special Dungeon that consists of 100 Floors with powerful foes. <br>Unlike most other Dungeons by unlocking , the appropriate Normal Tower Dungeon tierhas greatly altered mechanics and is generally geared towards endgame-level Players. <br>Check the Link for more detailed information.
However, keep in mind the difficulty for Special ===Raid Dungeons is not entirely relative ===[[:Category:Dungeons#Raid_Dungeons|Raid Dungeons]] are unique Dungeons where you compete with other Players to the difficulty of Normal Dungeons. get a high Ranking and earn valuable Rewards! <br>(Typically for the Event Raid Dungeons, they are much harder compared to the difficulty required to unlock themoccur very rarely and often offer Cards and Rewards unavailable elsewhere.)
[[:Category:Dungeons|List of ===Super EXP Dungeon===This Special Dungeons]]Dungeon allows you to get massive Rank-EXP when you clear the Dungeon!*If you are Lv149 or lower, clearing this Dungeon will instantly boost you to Lv150!*If you are Lv150 or higher and below Lv200, clearing this Dungeon will increase your Lv by 1 up to 200.
[http://www====Tips====*If you're low-leveled, this is a great way to try and do some catch-up! *The EXP Marrons that appear have super-high Defense but little HP. Use Cards with multiple attacks and Multiply Enhance Cards to quickly clear the Dungeon.dragon-poker*Even for Lv200+ Players, this Dungeon is VERY EXP efficient given the low STP Cost to enter the Dungeon. (It only costs 30 STP to enter and you earn at least quite a bit of EXP for a full clear.)*Using Subs that increase EXP earned (such as Pom Ringmaster, Fear Rare, etc.) can greatly increase the EXP you earn from defeating enemies.*Likewise, using an EXP Boost will double the EXP you earn as well! This increases to 4x with the right Guerilla Boost in effect!*Be careful if you gain too many Levels quickly since the Max STP Overflow Cap is 3000. Go do some other Dungeons to burn off the extra STP before leveling again to not waste excess STP.*This can also be a good way to boost some Alt Accounts, though keep in mind you'll still need to go through a lot of Normal Dungeons to unlock other Special Dungeons and the Club Bad Girls]
==Weekday & Super Weekday DungeonsBoost Time ==From ★2 onwardsAt 08:00 and 12:00 JST each day, there are special Weekday Dungeons that appear through out the weekdaysSP Boost is activated, causing all SP Skill Costs to be halved. <br>These contain some cards that bonuses may appear in few occasionally be disabled or occur at other places as well as a chance for Rings to appeartimes. <br>The dungeons that show up rotate Other types of Boosts may occur throughout the week, with day -- these are typically announced on the element of Dragon Poker [ Twitter] or the dungeon changing everydayin-game Announcements. <br>
On top of this==Guerrilla Effects==There are special Guerrilla Effects that can be applied to Dungeons when they're active, for ★4such as 2x EXP, ★83x Gold, and ★122x EXP & Gold, there are additional Super Weekday Dungeons that appear. <br>These have guaranteed spawns of Rings at the 3rd waveincreased Cardify rate, making them very handy for Ring farmingetc. <br>
★4: 1 Ring & 1 Gold Ring <br>★8: 2 Gold Rings <br>★12 1 Gold Ring & 1 God (Rainbow) Ring <br>Guerrilla Boosts are generally random and may appear when you enter a Dungeon, however, there are set times where they are always active.
== Boost Time ==At 0800 and 1200 JST each day, SP skill costs are halved. These bonuses may occasionally be disabled (for example, over the weekend when Club Bad Girls is active). Other types of boosts may occur throughout the day -- these are typically announced Keep an eye on the Dragon Poker [ twitter]Twitter or the in-game notices for more details.
{| class=="wikitable"!| Guerrilla Effect || Effect Description|-!| Gold Guerrilla Dungeons and Effects==<br> 金ゲリラ| Earn 3x Gold|-Occasionally, special !| Demon Guerrilla Dungeons may appear for a limited time (usually an hour), allowing you to run a dungeon that may not normally be available at the current time.<br> 鬼ゲリラ| Earn 2x EXP|-There are also special !| Dragon Guerrilla Effects that can be applied to dungeons when they're active, such as <br> 竜ゲリラ| Earn 2x EXP, 3x & Gold, |-!| God Guerrilla <br> 神ゲリラ| Earn 2x EXP & Gold, ; Cardify rates increased Cardify rateby 5x.|-|}*Note: God Guerrilla will only activate in Normal Dungeons.*Guerrilla Boosts stack with other Boosts such as SP/EXP/SDP Boosts. This is particularly useful for EXP Boosts, etc.netting you 4x EXP earned!
== Best Places To Get X ==
Healing Pixie Skill- Various weekday dungeons (2*), Weekend Club Bad Girls Skillup Up Fairies - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Fairies Fairy & Girls, Super PAL EXP Maroons - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Gem & GirlsRare Material Gacha, Super PALTraining (Common Reward)
HildaGem Marrones - Club Bad Girls: Gem & Girls, Lynns[?]Rare Material Gacha, Muse Training (S-rank knight girlsCommon Reward) - 4* Club Bad Girls and up
“Gold” Evo S Rings - 4* super weekday dungeon Ring Dungeon (one), 8* S.Weekday Ring Dungeon (two), 12* S.W. Ring Dungeon (one), Training (Uncommon Reward)
God SS Rings aka “Rainbow Ring” - 12* Super Weekday Ring Dungeon (one), 16* Ring Dungeon (two), Training (Uncommon Reward)
Dragon God Rings aka “GOD Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon Medals), Training (Rare Reward)
Overlord’s Ring aka “DRA Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon + 10 Black Medals)- funny how these nicknames ended about huh, Training (Rare Reward)
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