==Main Skill==
|AGI/ATK BUFF||0.85 (+1?)||1 (+1)||1.15 (+1)||1.3 (+1)||1.45 (+1)||1.6(+1)||1.75(+1)
|DEF DEBUFF||-2||-2||-2||-2||-2||-2||-1
|DEBUFF CHANCE||100%||90%||80%||70%||60%||50%||40%
As noted, Sl7 is extremely important- Allowing you to hit +2 on both stats with a +15%, reducing the debuff to levels negatable by Xebec or Diamond and only 40%, and looking like far less of a complete scrub, beyond running Ham. Noted, this attack also shifts to AOE on straight+, buffing the entire team and spreading all effects.
==Sub Skill==
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Ham Han

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Main Skill

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