==Main Skill==
|ELEM MOD||2x||2.2x||2.4x||2.7x||3x||3.4x||3.8x
Volklingen's Elemental modifier increases at the same rate as every other SS card- to understand this, this is the modifier placed on his damage versus green targets. These numbers are irrelevant vs. red or blue targets. Volklingen's blind chance is astronomically high, making him incredibly efficient at blinding his targets- except he is only a single hit, so you would require assistance to effectively blind a team. It also stops increasing at sl5, giving good reason to consider never skill leveling him past that point if you only desire his blind.
Volklingen's damage increases with HP loss, but the multiplier before element is taken into account is the same at all levels- therefore, below-
As you can see, his modifier increases by every 20% of hp you've lost, and reaches up to 1.7x. This is actually very significant damage when combined with the elemental modifier, but is again conditionally variant depending on how hurt you are, making it virtually worthless most of the time. Regardless, Furnacemech has solid multipliers that are better than most elemental monsters, making him one of the best damage dealers if you like being nearly dead, and only against green targets.
==Sub Skill==
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Main Skill

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