Kisshouten is of the moment, probably one of the best Elemental cards for raw damage- which is saying a surprising amount, actually. With the achievement of an easy conditional for increased damage, Kisshouten is capable of putting out large numbers with surprisingly little effort. The catch of course, is that this damage is significantly less against non-grass monsters, and almost neglible against blue monsters. However, against green monsters Kisshouten is incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated.
Kisshouten's main flaws however are a somewhat limited pool of subs (There are only two S monster that will boost her), a lackluster stat setup (sub 1400 attack, mediocre hp, and too much defense), and inclusion in a pool with an enhance card she would desire as a PVE pubstar (mercurius). Her damage is also optimally based around buffs, so events where your allies are not willing to buff you and the boss does not will drastically weaken her. None the less, her fusion is not particularly bad (Refresh is rather handy), and her stats somewhat even out in the end due to the absurd multiplier stackup her skill achieves.
Kisshouten's main draw however should be green events, and there is no real advantage to playing her outside of those except to trigger refresh easily on status-based events. Please also read Volklingen to understand how he works as a sub.
==Main Skill==
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