The newest Archdemon to join While somewhat overshadowed in some aspects by the setother Archdemons, Beelzebub is by no means any less valuable than a very powerful and useful card. Her presence in PVE can be terrifying, and combined with a Leviathan can almost ensure control over the rest state of the Archdemonsbuffs is in your favor. Her ability stats, while lopsided towards a stat somewhat less effective to deal with enemy buffs in PVE her merits (HP usually is potentially worth more valuable than Levi'sDefense in PVE), are still 30 cost and her ability to deal damage slightly higher. Her subcard skill attack is also incredibly powerful, perhaps more so than her ability as a main card, depending on your desiresin great standing.
As a main card, Beelze Beelzebub's primary use is very comparable in PVE to Levi'steal' buffs from her target. This is primarily extraordinarily useful on certain Event bosses that flash buff their stats, with removing their deadly state and buffing yourself. Her problem comes from the added bonus that fact she will can only steal the enemy's buffone stat at a time- Something that makes her potentially more valuable, depending on meaning you will still require a Leviathan to remove the dungeonrest, especially or more Beelzebubs if you've super fused prior in the enemy dungeon. Her damage is generating huge buffs instantly. While actually top-tier as well, so even otherwise she is not in direct competition will still be useful for dealing with Leviathan (They have different color after all), it is safe to say there are definitely situations you would rather one or the other procblue and bite weak bosses- but notablyif less effective than Belphegor, unlike Leviathan, Beelzebub proccing will not mess up Leviathan cleaning what remains the next attackwho has better stats on her. In terms Examples of colosseum however, a good Beelzebub falters- while her damage is incredibly respectabledungeon would be Chen or Senjuu, Belphegor exists in the same color as both revolve around buffs and attack type, and completely overshadows hernotably only one stat of buffs.
As a sub card, Beelzebub is impressive- she boasts offers a strong general boost (if sadly, only to attacking cards) and with a chance to for a buff any stat- which is honestly very solid and speaks for itself. She'll make The buff however is only a fine sub for any cardchance, especially in and the PVE environmentactual power increase is very low, and only works for attacking skills.
Overall, Beelzebub is a bit of a situational an incredibly solid and even strong card- just having other options for everything that she can do, but a very useful cardthat are arguably better, much like and reduced presence in colosseum due to her lack of utility due to the rest lack of the Archdemonsbuffs in that environment.
==Main Skill==
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