==Main Skill==
|BUFF STEAL||50%||50%||50%||50%||50%||50%||50%
Much like Leviathan, Beelzebub's ability to steal buffs is not completely reliable. At that, Beelzebub's steal will only steal one stat buff, while Leviathan's removal will clear all Buffs on the target except for Debuffs. Otherwise, Beelzebub is capable of outputting a great amount of damage, only overshadowed by the superior damage and status that Belphegor can inflict in Colosseum.
While Belphegor does overshadow Beelzebub in damage, the difference is mostly stats and minimal- In PVE this basically means their damage output is similar enough either may be considered, and with buffs being a major part of PVE, Beelzebub definitely takes center field.
==Sub Skill==
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Main Skill

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