The newest Archdemon to join the set, Beelzebub is by no means any less valuable than the rest of the Archdemons. Her ability to deal with enemy buffs in PVE is potentially more valuable than Levi's, and her ability to deal damage slightly higher. Her subcard skill is also incredibly powerful, perhaps more so than her ability as a main card, depending on your desires.
As a main card, Beelze is very comparable to Levi, with the added bonus that she will steal the enemy's buff- Something that makes her potentially more valuable, depending on the dungeon, especially if the enemy is generating huge buffs instantly. While she is not in direct competition with Leviathan (They have different color after all), it is safe to say there are definitely situations you would rather one or the other proc- but notably, unlike Leviathan, Beelzebub proccing will not mess up Leviathan cleaning what remains the next attack. In terms of colosseum however, Beelzebub falters- while her damage is incredibly respectable, Belphegor exists in the same color and attack type, and completely overshadows her.
As a sub card, Beelzebub is impressive- she boasts a general boost (if sadly, only to attacking cards) and a chance to buff any stat. She'll make a fine sub for any card, especially in the PVE environment.
Overall, Beelzebub is a bit of a situational card, but a very useful card, much like the rest of the Archdemons.
==Main Skill==
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