Meiling is a fantastic card, boasting an incredibly flexible nature that allows her to fit in both your main deck and as a sub card on many, many cards. While her status in a main deck is extremely challenged outside of her designated dungeon (And even then, very much inside it), it is still there and without better options, and even with better options in the case of a spear colosseum week, a solid choice.
Meiling's attack is mostly uninteresting, breaking through defense is a trait shared with Susanoo, however instead she choses to debuff the enemy. Given this is one of the few ways to debuff agility on enemies right now, this is somewhat valuable, and the debuff drop is very very sizable. The main draw is the 3x hit however, as it comes off a very solid attacking stat, allowing her to do work. However, this spot is challenged DIRECTLY by powerhouses such as Noel and Mammon, making it something that over time, will become less valuable.
However, her subskill is -extremely- valuable at all parts of the game, as it is a general boost and also technically unconditional, as while it is stronger on a straight+ activates without it. This makes her a good sub on almost any card, meaning once you no longer have use for her as a main you can immediately transition her to a powerful sub, perhaps on the card replacing her.
In short, perhaps the perfect card for new players, Meiling is incredibly valuable.
==Main Skill==
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