==Sub Skill==
Nana'''Demon s subskill is mostly worthless, as while Charm can be avoided in proper groups by having someone right by you to tell you whats played, it is a Damage increase and only available to non-girl cards- Something which Scratch does not have in proper numbers. However, the boost is sizable and if you feel like sticking with someone for the rest of Temptation'''your life, is still on a SS card to make it maybe worth slapping off-icon.
小悪魔な誘惑 When But you should probably play her as a main deck card is NOT [[Girl]] (女の子), boosts its damage by 25%instead. Chance (33%) to self-[[Charm]]. 親分が女の子以外の時、与ダメージ25%UPするが、確率で自分が誘惑状態になる
==Recommended Subcards==
scratchy things
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Sub Skill

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