The One of the first 30 cost cards, and unofficial Archdemon, if only reason this card is not currently in SSS-tier is because due to the abscence of the super fusion Archdemon she is part has technically taken place of, and her similar nature and time of release to Belphegor- Nana DEFINITELY earns her unofficial placement. Her stats are incredily beastly, being a 30 cost monster, and her attack is extremely mediocre. Everything else about this card (save for the very iffy subcard ability) is otherwise amazing powerful and overall useful in all situations and pretty much “spend all of your stones” worthy.
* Nana's space occupies a color with a lot of powerful attackers that have higher damage than her, such as Noel and Mammon, but she offers a unique space with her stats and most importantly offers a lifesteal to her attack. This makes her a useful card simply for survivability in PVE: ★★★★★- something that red cards tend to lack. Her additional effect of a Charm also makes her a terror in PVP as most pubs will have no idea how to react to being charmed, and some groups are even worse about it. Overall, despite the fierce competition of Red attackers- her flexibility definitely keeps her in. However, Nana also has the issue of a completely mediocre subskill, and an even worse problem of sharing a fusion with her assumedly official sister. While Lino is less common than Nana, she still boasts a long tradition of appearing, especially during sword weeks, and also shares her sisters dual nature in PVE. While the fusion can do surprising damage, it is not worth playing for and a problem.* PVP: ★★★★★* Sub: ★★☆☆☆Overall, a card well worth going for, and well worth having.
==Main Skill==
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