The literal definition of a Henchman, Emily's main worth is limited almost entirely to her Subcard skill, and also situationally so.
As a Main card Emily brings some attractive defense and stats to the table, but an almost entirely mediocre skill that will miss you most the time, and not do nearly enough to save you when it hits. Being naturally AOE however, opens her up as a Chronos/Xebec carrier, changing her skill from a simple useless pile to a non-conditionless +1/+1. And herself to the table, and you've got a very, very, bad Dryad wannabee. Other third slot options do exist, but I imagine are cards you would prefer to main deck instead of her.
Her subcard skill is also very iffy at first- a simple 10% heal is not very much, and it does not proc at times when you would get nearly enough mileage out of it. However, it stacks upon itself, so if you end up with a pile of Emily, you suddenly have a 30% heal on your shield card. Sizable, but not nearly enough compared to an actual healer- and should be reserved for shield cards that boast a very large reason to main deck (Such as on an Athena for her fusion if you can reliably proc it).
Overall, thoroughly mediocre, and definitely a Henchman.
==Main Skill==
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